Life and Times of a Mommy(:


on April 16, 2013

The picture was beautiful. Flawless perfection. Such a lovely, enchanting scene. Four, dainty eggs laying in a perfect nest in a serene, out of the way place.

Beautiful, flawless, enchanting. These weren’t words normally used to describe her, Whale, homely, garbage. Those were words used to describe her. Everyone said those things, and worse. Her parents said them. Kids at school said them. People walking down the street in her small town.

Never again. The will never say those things again. Not after today. She would show them. She would move away, reinvent herself. No one would ever think of her as the sad fat girl from high school that hid behind her camera. No. She would show them. And she wasn’t about to let anything get in her way.



This is the speakeasy challenge for Yeah Write. We were supposed to use the sentence “She wasn’t about to let anything get in her way” and a photo to reference but not write about in a short (500 words or less) fictional poem or story.  So enjoy!!



17 responses to “Change

  1. Stacie says:

    Aw, I hope she finds a happy place where people are nice!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Love the strong inner voice in this piece Danielle! I hope she finds a better place.

  3. ann bennett says:

    Hope is such a strong emotion. I would hope she reaches a positive resolution. Looking forward to reading the short story.

    • xdanigirl says:

      I’m thinking she does. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet. I mean it could turn into a full length book. We will see and I will definitely keep you guys posted! Thanks for the encouragement!!

  4. iasoupmama says:

    Sounds like she’s ready to leave the nest and fly on her own — lovely!

  5. and I hope she does it all for her own well-being, rather than for anyone else’s approval (as that’s always a swinging door of indecision anyway)

  6. Bee says:

    That’s such a familiar feeling. I hope she does well for herself!

  7. […] is a follow up post to this post. I said I would write more and I did. Sorry it took so long!! This piece feels very […]

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