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Daddy’s Girl

on April 30, 2013

There is a song that came out I don’t even know when by I honestly can’t remember. The name of it is “Daddy’s Girl”. The first time i listened to it was on cassette tape. (Yes those were still around when I was little, I’m not that young. Geez…) The chorus goes “Daddy’s girl, Daddy’s girl./I’m the center/of Daddy’s world.” It goes on but that’s the only part I can remember. I haven’t heard the song in about 8 years, but that song sticks out in my mind because that’s what I am. A Daddy’s girl.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my mom. It’s a hard to describe, always changing love. But between my dad and I? The adoration and love never stops. I mean, it did once or twice, but every teenager goes through that stage of hating their parents right?

I was 13 and my parents were divorcing. My dad thought it would be better for me to stay with my mom. Especially since our house had just burned down and he was living in a small apartment in a friend’s barn. I didn’t think it was a great idea. Especially after my mom remarried. I tried everything to get my dad to let me move in with him. Nothing worked. Then we moved to little rock. Three hours away from my friends, my home town, my daddy. He didn’t stop it. Que resentment, hurt, and abandonment.

I finally convince my dad to let me come home after missing a semester of school. I was grounded pretty much my entire junior year of high school. Then senior year I was pregnant. Then came the time for me to move out. It was like moving three hours away all over again. I hardly saw my dad, we fought almost non stop, and eventually we stopped talking. Recently, my step mom told me that my dad had still been there for me. Waiting for me to come to my sense, all the while making sure me and my little boy had a place to live.

Not me and my daddy. The only picture I have of us is my junior prom picture...

Not me and my daddy. The only picture I have of us is my junior prom picture…

Through everything, all the stupid stuff I did do, the fits I throw threw, my daddy and I are still best friends. He is the person I call if my car does something funny (he’s a mechanic), I accomplish something no matter how big or small, or I just have a random question (which happens a lot). Even when we do fight and he “stops talking to me”, he calls everyday to check on my boys and my husband, but I’m sure its just to hear my voice and know I’m okay. I’m 21 years old, a wife, and a mommy. But I’m still, and will always be, a Daddy’s Girl. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!


21 responses to “Daddy’s Girl

  1. Sounds like you have made it through some difficult times;)

    • xdanigirl says:

      I do, I really do. He’s amazing (: I called him yesterday on my lunch and I didn’t even have to tell him I was stressed he knew right away and talked me through what was going on.

  2. There is something really special about being Daddy’s girl. I am as well–and am glad that your relationship has stayed strong through everything!

    • xdanigirl says:

      Me to. So many girls lose touch with their dads through those teenage years and they regret a lot of things when the dads pass away or are really distant. I’m glad I have been able to keep such a close relation ship with him.

  3. zoe says:

    How sweet. I remember that song! Now its stuck in my head and I dont recall much more than you did! What a great dad.

    • xdanigirl says:

      I’m going to have to find that song and listen to it!! On the tape there was a song about an apple tree I think…. Whoever sings it also sings the song “Teddy Bear”. That song is about a little boy in a wheel chair using his dad’s CB radio to talk to truck drivers. Hope that helps you remember something!! If you figure it out let me know!

  4. Yes, every teenager goes through that love-hate relationship with their parents.
    I was not a mom or daddy girl. But, because my mom mental issues, I was more inclined to reason with my dad.

    When I was a teenager I went really nasty at him and so did he, but it went better as I grew older.

    • xdanigirl says:

      My mom and I are really alike and were diagnosed with the same thing. I think because we are so close it makes me pull away from her. Because I like to be different.
      But I’m glad things got better between you and your dad!

  5. f1nallymom says:

    awww my girl is SUCH a Daddy’s Girl. but it’s all good. 🙂

    • xdanigirl says:

      I have boys. The oldest is all about me but the youngest. He likes hanging out with daddy. Probably be because he’s 9 months and daddy lets him play with more stuff than mommy. (:

  6. When my first wife and I divorced my son wanted to come live with me. One day while visiting he suggested that we make a robot and send it back to his mother in his place. I told him I thought his mother would be able to tell the difference.

  7. Panty Parade says:

    The things I share with my father I could never tell my mother–and vice versa. There’s a special relationship between a dad and his daughter. Not everyone gets to be a Daddy’s Girl, but those of us who do adore being so.

    • xdanigirl says:

      Exactly!!! There are definitely things that I tell me mom/step mom and not my dad! But there are also a lot of things that I talk about with my dad that I don’t tell my mom about. My step mom hears it all hahaha. But, yes, we do adore being daddy’s girls!!

  8. Very sweet how much your dad means to you.

  9. modmomelleroy says:

    I was a Daddy’s little girl too. My dad used to call me his honey bun. 🙂 I’m glad you and your dad got through the tough times and are close.

  10. iasoupmama says:

    I love the relationship you have with your dad and hope that you get to enjoy it for many, many, many years to come!

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  12. […] we’ve talked about my amazing daddy. I’m not saying my dad is a better dad than my father in law. Every parent does things […]

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