Life and Times of a Mommy(:

Part Numero Two

on May 13, 2013

Today’s day is a letter to a band that has got you through some rough days. Well for me that band would be Evanescence.

Day Thirteen.

Dear Amy Lee and the band of Evanescence.,

First off I just want to thank for the amazing music you guys make. it has definitely got me through some rough times from break ups to thinking about running away to cheering me up. It also is definitely the best music to let out all your pent up aggression and anger. I’m sure you get letters like this all the time. I would also like to tell you that I live three hours away from your home town of Little Rock, Arkansas.

The list of my favorite songs stretch over a bunch of songs. My favorite to let out all my pent up anger is “Call Me When Your Sober”, “Sweet Sacrifice”, and “Lose Control”. These three songs are the perfect three songs to ride around on a summer night with the windows down and the volume up as loud as possible. Also “All That I’m Living For” is also a good one!

“Forgive Me” is a song very near and dear to my heart. My favorite part of this song has stuck with me for years. ” ‘Cause you were made for me/Somehow I’ll make you see/How happy you make me.” This song helped me through some pretty rough times. It was on repeat for a while.

While songs like “Bring Me to Life”, “Going Under”, and “My Last Breath” are great songs, by now they are a little overplayed. Songs like “Everybody’s Fool”, “Snow White Queen”, and “Haunted” however are some of my favorites. These songs are some of the ones that stay on repeat and songs that I know just bout every word to.

So. Amy and the rest of the band, thanks for making some great music over the years. Thanks for being a band that I can rely on and one that gets me through some rough times. You make life manageable.

Your fan,

Danielle (:


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