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No Words Can Describe This Feeling…

on May 14, 2013

It’s just….I mean….I can’t…. OhmygoodnessIcan’tevendescribewhat’sgoingoninmyheadrightnow!!!!!!!! Guys!!! I got nominated for an award!!!!! The wonderful Alicia Benton nominated me for the “I Mustache You A Question” award!!! 😀

My first award!!!

My first award!!!

The rules for this award are, as follows:

  1. Add the awesome badge to your blog. (So everyone will know how awesome you are)
  2. Thank the person who nominated you. (Duh how impolite would that be…)
  3. Answer your nominator’s question. (Can be as long or short as you want)
  4. Nominate two bloggers for the award to keep it going. (Obviously not the person that nominated you…)
  5. Ask the new winners a question! (Ask them anything you want!)

Thank you Alicia!! This is amazing! My first award!! Now, for your viewing pleasure I give you the comment I posted on Alicia’s post when I saw this:

“Oh. Me. Sweet Mary mother of all things good and chocolaty in the world. I just almost peed my self, jumped up and screamed “YES!!!” in the middle of my quiet office, and almost cried!!! This is my first award!!! I can’t even..I’m just…I don’t even know!!! THANK YOU!!!! :D

And now. My nominations are….. (drum roll please)

The London Diaries

Stephanie, I’m pretty sure you are my blog sister!! You are
from like one state away so that’s also a plus!


Guys if you haven’t checked out her blog stop what
you are doing and go. NOW! I can only hope
to write (and drink) as well as her!!

My question to you wonderful ladies: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be, why would you go there, and what would you do? I’m sure that’s a pretty tame question, but bear (bare?) with me!! I’m still learning the ropes!!

And to answer Alicia’s question: If you could have a whole weekend with no kids to worry about and chase around, what would you do?  What would your fantasy weekend consist of?

Oh geez… That’s a hard one… It would of course involve a bottle of wine, or four. (No, guys, I’m not an alcoholic. Just go drink a bottle of Mascato D’asti and tell me it isn’t the most amazing thing on the planet. Even better than chocolate! Oh yes, ladies. I went there!!) It would probably also involve a massage from a very handsome masseur.

Actually. What I would do is grab my best friend and road trip down to Destin, Florida. (With the wine. Definitely with the wine.) We would then lay out on the beach allll day. (In this fantasy, we have bodies of Goddesses and all the guys check us out!) Then, we would hit the clubs and go dance the night away.

The next morning, after we sleep off out wicked hangovers, we would go shopping and spend the day at the spa. Sipping on something delish and alcoholic. (Come one, I don’t have the kids with me I can do that!) After our amazing massages, it’s hair and nails, and then dancing the night away yet again. (We like live music and dancing, don’t judge.)

Back at the beach bright and early gettin’ our tans on once again!! Just cillaxin! We would of course spend all day here until we are a beautiful brown. And then we would fly home. First class. Because, honestly, who wants to road trip back after that relaxing weekend? Nope. Just too much stress. (The car would obviously be a rental. I would not leave my car down there. Nooooo siree!!)

But Alicia, thanks again for the award!! You just made my day!!!


7 responses to “No Words Can Describe This Feeling…

  1. Valerie says:

    Congrats!! I like your fantasy weekend. 😀

  2. […] week I received not only a rad ‘stache-themed award from the lovely xdanigirl of The Life and Times of a Mom, but also my very […]

  3. Go Jules Go says:

    Oh man. Now THIS is an award. Congratulations, and thank you so much! Let us share a virtual toast (to this award and your fantasy kid-less weekend)!

    As for your question, that is *almost* impossible for me to answer, because there are SO many places I want to visit. I have the travel bug, big time. But. If I had to say, I’d pick London. I’ve never been to Europe, so that’s the main reason. Then, too, are the accents. Big appeal. I’d talk to everyone. Raid the pubs. Eat fish and chips and Indian food. Go to the theater. And yes, all the tourist-y stuff. Then I’d cheat and hop on the Eurorail to Amsterdam and Paris and a million other places.

    • xdanigirl says:

      If you go to Paris, don’t go to the Eiffel Tower. Let it just remain wondrous and admire it from afar. It loses it’s majesty after you see it. I think so anyway.
      And to be honest, the mustache thing totally didn’t register until you pointed it out. I just love your blog and you’ve inspired many posts (: So thank you for being amazing and spectacular and supportive!!

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