Life and Times of a Mommy(:


on May 26, 2013

So this is going to be two separate posts. Day twenty four is a letter. So that will be next!

Day Twenty Three. I’m being totally serious when I say this. I wish I had tried different foods when I was younger. Normally, when I see a question like “what do you wish you had done in your life?” I think of something adrenaline packed like sky diving or bungee jumping. Which I have no desire to do. So. I wish I had tried more foods. I’m a SUPER picky eater. It would be easier to give you guys a list of foods I do like rather than don’t like. Which makes things like getting someone at work to order my food or making my boys eat vegetables really difficult. Sometimes, it’s embarrassing. I’ve had many people make fun of me and be rude to me because I don’t like stuff.

Day Twenty Five and Day Twenty Six. The reason I think I’m still alive today. My son. Plain and simple. That post also talks about the time I wanted to give up on life and why.


7 responses to “Uno…

  1. I was the same way growing up. I never wanted to try any new foods. Now, I love seeing how every food tastes 🙂 Great post and keep up the awesome work.

  2. crazymom1386 says:

    I am a super picky eater too! It really sucks though because my son is trying to be super picky too.

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