Life and Times of a Mommy(:

This’ll be Fun!!

on May 28, 2013

This post. It’s gonna be a good one!!

Day Twenty Eight. What would you if you got someone pregnant or if you were pregnant? Now, considering I’m, well, a woman, if got someone pregnant I would be the richest woman ALIVE!!! Men would officially cease to be needed. (Sorry guys! We will be nice and put all y’all on a nice tropical island somewhere!!) I think it would get a little old me being the only woman to get other women’s eggos preggo, so I would be fundin’ some research!! And as much as I hate being a guinea pig, the attention would be nice!

But, if I was the one with the preggo eggo, I would be suing some doctors!!! This is gonna get a little personal for a minute, personal in way that I don’t think this was meant for buuuut, it’s a tad necessary with this one. See, I gots one of those awesome IUD thingys that keeps you from getting pregnant for like 5 years. I know they aren’t 100% effective, so I probably wouldn’t be suing anyone, but someone would definitely have some explaining to do!! In all seriousness though, I would definitely keep the baby. It wouldn’t be ideal at this point in time but I don’t believe in abortion and adoption just isn’t for me and my husband. (This truth is not about my views on abortion so that will be saved for another day.)


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