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There is something in the water…

on June 23, 2013

Guys. I’m not even joking…. Everyone and their mother…okay. Maybe not their mother but like everyone is pregnant!! I went to dinner with some girlfriends and one of them is about 16 weeks along and has night sickness instead of morning sickness. Poor thing threw up her dinner while I was taking her home.. And then yesterday hubby and I had a baby shower to go to. We played some…interesting games… We had to run an obstacle course with a balloon under our shirt. (Hubby ran it twice. Once with us women and once with his friend, who’s the daddy.) We then had a race to see who could drink 3 ounces out of a slow flow bottle. (It was 5 ounces  but we decided to go to 3. Hubby and his friend totally cheated. First, they took the top of the bottle and just drank it out of the bottle. Then, the baby daddy poked a hole in another nipple and drank it again.) By the way, for those of you who have never tried to drink out of a bottle, it’s suuuuper hard. And if you don’t know what a slow flow nipple is, it is like a drip of liquid coming out. A very. Slow. Drip. But yeah.. Everyone is pregnant!! (No, I’m not pregnant. I promise.)

Cute belly!!!

Cute belly!!!

So I also have a show to tell you guys about!!! It’s called Drop Dead Diva. It’s an amazing show!!! This skinny, blonde haired, aspiring model (who is actually kinda chubby and ugly) is in a car accident. She goes to heaven but she’s not ready to die. So, she pushes the return button and gets sent back to Earth…to a different body. A full figured, dark haired lawyer. Who is insanley smart. So now, the model has all of her memories but not very many of the lawyer’s. Now she has to navigate through a world that she knows nothing about. Including being a lawyer, in court, and with clients. The only people who know that the model is actually the lawyer are her best friend and her gaurdian angel. Oh, and the model’s boyfriend (almost fiance) works at the law firm with the lawyer. So, she also has to navigate the feelings she still has for him and watch him date other people and stuff. It’s a pretty great show. (P.S. ladies, in the episode I’m watching. She dances with half naked men. The men from Thunder from Down Under.) I’m in love with this show!!! I’m not sure how many seasons there are but I watch it on Netflix. It comes on LifeTime though I think. Plus, ya know, there are like 3 amazing guys that are normally on the show, plus all the extras.

This is the cast. The ugly model girl isn't in this picture. She is only seen in a handfull of episodes.

This is the cast. The ugly model girl isn’t in this picture. She is only seen in a handfull of episodes.

Guys, I’m going to need a new show eventually  so feel free to suggest some good ones on Netflix!!


2 responses to “There is something in the water…

  1. I love Drop Dead Diva! I think there is a new season starting soon.

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