Life and Times of a Mommy(:

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee!!!

1 year baby!!!

1 year baby!!!

Well actually it’s my WordPress-iversary. It doesn’t feel like one year… Probably because I suck and can’t write regular posts… But seriously, thanks to everyone who’s been here for the ride!! (No worries, it’s going to continue!!)

So, I have great news!!! As of September 9, I will officially have a job!!! I will roll over onto company time instead of the temp agency’s time. I will also get a $4 raise!!! I will be making AMAZING money!! The look on hubby’s face when I told what I was making was hilarious. I won’t tell you what I’m making because I’m trying to keep this as confidential as possible. (I’m sure you guys understand.) But I will say I’m making $3 more than my husband and $3.30 more than a friend that is living with us. So. Needless to say I’m pretty excited.

Sadly, I couldn't get a good Carlton dance.. This was the best I could get for a happy dance.

Sadly, I couldn’t get a good Carlton dance.. This was the best I could get for a happy dance.


But, of course, it’s month end so my happy dance wasn’t that enthusiatic. Thursday of last week, I asked my boss if she needed help with anything. She handed me some stuff to veryify VIN and unit numbers on. Then I had to match them up with this peice of paper, highlight the numbers, and FedEx them. By Friday. (They got sent yesterday.) I couldn’t find the numbers anywhere so my boss printed of the sheets and it took be about an hour and a half to find them all and highlight them. Then last Friday I was informed that I have to clean up someone else’s mess with overdue invoices. Yipee!!! …. Not. I just through away a buch a few weeks ago because I was told it’s ok. Now I get to chase them all down again. This is all on top of everything else. But I will stop complaining now… Sorry….

In other news.  A friend of hubby’s that was stationed in North Carolina in the Marines has moved in with us. He’s a great guy, when his wife isn’t causing problems… Him and her lived together there but she came running back here without him. So he is living with us and they are about to go through a huge custody battle and probably a divorce. So there’s that fun. But my husband finally has a friend home that I actually get along with so I’m not complaining. Too much… ;D

Well, the hubster just got done cooking so I’m going to go stuff my face like a fatty now (: Ohhhhh! And I’ve also started running!!! I ran a half mile last thursday and 1.3 miles Sunday. Ok…I walked some of it to. But still, it’s the effort that counts!! Hopefully I will get to run tomorrow with the girls at work. I haven’t ran all week /: I’m a slacker!! But, guys, have a safe and happy 3 day weekend!! And don’t drink too much!!!\


I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!!! (I hope….)

Hey guys!! So I’ve gotten kind of behind on all things in my life. I sincerly apologize!!! I miss all my bloggy lovlies!!! Part of it was that my computer has decided to only work in safe mode, which is a total hasle to change. Another part is that I feel like I’m about to keel over from sheer exhaustion at any second. And the last part is the only things that have happened of note aren’t very fun to talk about. Well, one of them is, but I feel like I’m complaining. (Here’s the gist of that one. My sister-in-law and I almost got into a fist fight and I’m no longer speaking to my mother- and father-in-law. And my oldest isn’t allowed over at their house.)

But here’s a quick update. I was nominated for two awards. The Liebster award and the Wonderful Team Membership award. I will eventually get around to writing an award post for both of those. But I didn’t want to swamp you guys with a HUMONGOUS post after being gone for over a month.

Also, my job is going great. It’s a little hectic and crazy. Right now I have about a two inch stack of invoices laying on my desk waiting to be processed and about an inch long to-do list. These invoices are all at least 3 pages long, but I only need like three things of those three pages. And most of the time they are all on the first page. And the inch long to do list might not sound like much but it’s all very time comsuming things that I have to on top of the emails flooding in and making coffee for both floors of my office. But, such is the life of the low (wo)man on the totem pole in the office!

Hopefully, I will be able to catch up on everyones’ lives soon!! I hope everyone is doing ok!! I miss you guys!!


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