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Ok so I know that they are trying to Stamp Out Smoking, but this is getting a little ridiculous. I mean I remember the original SOS adds. (Turns out that might just be an Arkansas thing. Thanks Google…) They got your attention and got to the point and were done. But these new ones…. Guys I have no idea what they are talking about… I’m assuming it has something to do with that new app Tinder? But I don’t know…

For those of us who are already married and don’t use Tinder, I’m not totally for sure how this is supposed to relate to us… Personally, I looked at Tinder for about 2.7 seconds. But I get most of my information about the website from single people who I see on The Berry and stuff like that. (Ladies, if you haven’t checked out The Berry, I highly suggest it. It is amazing!)

I understand all the complications of smoking. Probably more than anyone. Considering my mom died of a stroke, which smoking contributes to, and my great-grandfather died of a heart attack and emphysema. The side effects of smoking has affected my life greatly, however, in times of great stress, I find myself wanting to pick up a Marlboro red 100 to relive the stress. The same brand that my mother smoked. I know it isn’t good for me but I but a pack literally every six months if that. But these commercials are just getting out of hand. I think it’s a little ridiculous.

Upon googling the link for the #leftswipedat commercial, I instead found the link for the full music video. I skimmed it and it looks like they left a lot of stupid stuff out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about stamping out smoking, and by all means make your commercials relatable. But this is pushing it just a little. I mean I didn’t know what the thing was talking about at first… Still don’t really understand it. But here is the commercial for you all to see for yourself!


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What. Have. I. Done?!?!?!

So everyone remembers The Great Hair Catastrophe right? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell……. It has happened again. Yes. You read that right. I have had another Great Hair Catastrophe. And I’m honestly not sure which is worse… Everyone tells me that this one is not that bad, but I absolutely hate it.. Like heat from the 7th circle of hell… (That’s a place right? I mean I’ve never read Daunte’s inferno or anything like that… So I’m not sur…) But here’s the story.

I had this super bright (no sarcasam there I swear) idea that I would donate ten inches to Locks of Love. This one charity that I truly love hearing about. I’ve been growing my hair out for over a year now. Probably about a year a half.

This is what I started with..

This is what I started with..

My hair was down to about the middle of my back. I went in to my hair stylist on Valentine’s day and decided it was time to cut it off. I had been playing around with the idea for a while because I have extremely thick hair. So I had finally made the decision to chop it off. Measured it, and it was just over 10 inches. (Which is how much you have to 10 inches to donate.)

So the stylist set to cutting. And cutting. And cutting. Aaaaaaaaaaand cutting. And then the styling started… Don’t get me wrong I love my stylist. She’s great. She did a great job when she died my hair. But I think we took a little too much off when we cut it… Because now I hate it. Like I feel like I just stepped out of the 1920s and I should be wearing a flapper dress with my boobs tapped down, sitting in a basement turned speakeasy drinking illegally made moonshine.

I’m not sure if it was because styled it with a straightener and the curls where just massive but I’m still waiting to fall in love with my new cut… Guess it will just have to grow on me.. (Insert drum and symbols and my horribly lame pun..)



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For those interested, here is the guidelines for donating and volunteering.