Life and Times of a Mommy(:


Hey y’all! I’m Danielle. I’m a almost 21 year old, married, mother of two beautiful boys! I love the outdoors and horses and dogs and music and writing and my kids. And my husband, of course. Horses where my life starting at age 4. I wanted to be a vet since before then. That dream was put on hold due to a sick child, then the lack of funds, then getting married, then having another baby, and now working, along with the lack of funds. But! I will finish. One of these days…. I also suffer from depression and anxiety. I was diagnosed my junior year in high school. It’s rough but it’s manageable. Most days.

So about my family. My oldest is two. He was my 18th birthday person and I don’t think I’ve got a better one since. My youngest is almost a year old. He was conceived just before my husband and I got married. My husband and I have been married a little over a year. We married December 2, 2011. Due to custody issues we had to move our wedding up a year so we haven’t had a huge ceremony yet.

We are a church going family. I will warn you know that there will be (and are) some posts about faith, religion, and God. If you don’t like it and want to express your opinion, I ask you to please do it nicely and respectfully. If you can’t do that, you can either ignore the posts or just leave my blog all together. Thanks!!

I haven’t really got a total feel for how this works and catchy things to write about but if you have suggestions I’m happy to hear them!! Thanks so much for stopping back!!

P.S. There may be occasional random things somethings I write. So. Just like the religion thing. You are free to leave your opinion but I ask that you be polite and considerate! Not just for me but for the other bloggers here to (: Thanks everyone!!

P.P.S. There is a chance that every thing on here will change from one day to another. So. Just be prepared!!

P.P.P.S. I’m pretty much starting over from scratch and scraping the first posts I made on here. So bear with me!! So far I jump around more than most blogs!! But we will hit a stride eventually! 😉


7 responses to “About

  1. I like the little worm on the side. Reminds me of me. 😉

  2. […] Every time I read Danielle’s blog, I forget that she’s still just a baby.  She’s got a tremendous amount of wisdom, and while I’ve never met her, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet to call her an old soul.  She’s beautifully transparent, and she’s not ashamed of who she is. […]

  3. scribbleofhappygoluckygal says:

    good initiative..!! keep going..!!:)

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