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Week Three, Day One

And I’m having to take a few days off. It really sucks. I have some really crappy shoes so it’s really rough on my knees and hips. I had a pinched nerve in my left hip Thursday night. Saturday night I had a pinched nerve in my right hip. Friday it hurt my knees to be bent, it hurt to be straight, it hurt to walk, it hurt to sit. I’ve taken Aleve but it doesn’t seem to be helping. My step mom offered to let me come sit on her heating pad but she said it wouldn’t help were I’m hurting. I’m going to attempt to run tomorrow. We will see how well it works. There is a zombie run at the end of the month that I’m hoping to able to do but at this rate it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

On the other hand though, I can do something I haven’t be able to do since before I had my oldest. I CAN TOUCH MY TOES!!!!!!  I’m so excited guys!!!! I haven’t seen a change in my weight, which I think is because I’m not eating any different, but I’m seeing a difference in my flexibility. I went to the gym Saturday morning before I went to my best friend’s house for a girl day, and I was stretching and touched my toes. I almost broke out in a happy dance right in the middle of the gym!!!

I’ve also found a new training thing that is 250 push ups in nine weeks. I started that today. I only did 12 push ups but it’s the thought that counts right?!

But there is my update for now. I’m going to find some socks because this girls feet are cold!

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Heeeeeeeeey guys!! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long but after staring at a computer all day at work, my eyes are screaming for a break. Plus I’ve also started at a gym so by the time I get home, all I want to do is eat and fall into bed and sleep for years!!! On the plus side, my insurance will kick in, in like 60 something days!! Meaning this girl can get her happy pills!! Woooo!!!

This is what the app icon looks like . I just searched c25k in my app store.

This is what the app icon looks like . I just searched c25k in my app store.

So I’m sure you guys are probably wondering about the title of this post. C25K? What the heck is that?! Well, it means Couch 2 5K. That’s right. I started a couch to 5k program!! I’m super excited!!! (Just by the way a 5k isn’t 5 miles. It’s about 3.1 miles. Which isn’t as intimidating.) As I mentioned above I started at a gym. I go to Planet Fitness. It;s a pretty great gym. It’s either $10 or $20 a month. The $20 a month is actually a year or so contract but you get to use massage chairs, hydro massage beds(water massage), tanning beds, and this thing called the Body Angel which is a total body enhancement thing. Plus the 30 minute workout, 12 minute ab ripper, and all of their other machines and equipment. I started my couch to 5k a week ago Friday. The first week you do a 5 minute warm up and cool down walk and you also do 8 cycles of running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds. Its a total of 30 minutes but I’m not sure how far you go. But this week I’m doing the 5 minute warm up and cool down walk and 6 cycles of 90 seconds of running and 2 minutes of walking. It’s a total of 31 minutes and I looked at my distance on the treadmill today and it was pretty much 2 miles. If I had paused the treadmill every time I took a break it would have been more accurate but if you pause the treadmill for too long it stops and then the distance starts all over again.

Ipf realized Monday morning that you are only supposed to run like 3 days a week so my schedule is a little funky. I run Friday, Saturday, and Monday, then I rode the bike and did the 30 minute work out thing on Tuesday and Wednesday. I take Sundays off for church and Thursdays off so I can go to my little brother’s football game. (The 30 minute workout alternates between steps and machines. There is a light that looks like a stop light that shows red when it’s time to switch between the two. When the light goes green it’s time to start exercising. There are 3 leg machines and 5 arm machines in the workout circuit. Plus a set of steps for every machine. So it’s a total of 20 stations.) It’s pretty amazing. I’m trying to get back down to the weight I was either after I had my first son, or down to my high school weight.  Don’t really see the second one happening. Hubby, though, has lost 20 pounds! I’m so proud of him!!

But, back to my little brother and football! My little brother is actually my step brother, but we’ve been siblings for 6 years, so he’s my brother. He is a scrawny kid. He weighs 95 pounds soaking wet. And Thursday was his second game to play in for his 8th grade team. Don’t ask me what position he played or who had the ball. I was too busy jumping up and down and screaming because he was actually on the field. The first play he played in, he tripped and fell and inadvertently tripped the guy he was blocking and took him down, too. Before he went in my dad and the guy behind him were screaming at the coach “Put John in! We wanna see John play!!” When he went in we were on our feet the whole time! This girl was one proud sister!! At another game we went, I stayed for the 9th grade game that he wasn’t playing in so I could see my dad and hang out with my parents. Well, my brother was walking around by himself so I went and walked around with him. He wanted to walk around with me. That’s right. My thirteen year old brother was willing to walk around the football field with his big sister. Talk about getting choked up!! I told him he made my day when he wanted to do that.

I will try to keep you guys updated on my progress with this! I have two 5ks in December. One on the 7th and one on the 15th. So hopefully I will remember to get some pictures and info about it! Maybe even get a link so you guys can see my progress and how good I do!!

On another note. What’s everyone doing for Halloween? Are you dressing up? Carving pumpkins? Decorating? I want to see pictures and hear all about it!!!! I will be posting about my little one’s Halloween costumes and everything soon!

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Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee!!!

1 year baby!!!

1 year baby!!!

Well actually it’s my WordPress-iversary. It doesn’t feel like one year… Probably because I suck and can’t write regular posts… But seriously, thanks to everyone who’s been here for the ride!! (No worries, it’s going to continue!!)

So, I have great news!!! As of September 9, I will officially have a job!!! I will roll over onto company time instead of the temp agency’s time. I will also get a $4 raise!!! I will be making AMAZING money!! The look on hubby’s face when I told what I was making was hilarious. I won’t tell you what I’m making because I’m trying to keep this as confidential as possible. (I’m sure you guys understand.) But I will say I’m making $3 more than my husband and $3.30 more than a friend that is living with us. So. Needless to say I’m pretty excited.

Sadly, I couldn't get a good Carlton dance.. This was the best I could get for a happy dance.

Sadly, I couldn’t get a good Carlton dance.. This was the best I could get for a happy dance.


But, of course, it’s month end so my happy dance wasn’t that enthusiatic. Thursday of last week, I asked my boss if she needed help with anything. She handed me some stuff to veryify VIN and unit numbers on. Then I had to match them up with this peice of paper, highlight the numbers, and FedEx them. By Friday. (They got sent yesterday.) I couldn’t find the numbers anywhere so my boss printed of the sheets and it took be about an hour and a half to find them all and highlight them. Then last Friday I was informed that I have to clean up someone else’s mess with overdue invoices. Yipee!!! …. Not. I just through away a buch a few weeks ago because I was told it’s ok. Now I get to chase them all down again. This is all on top of everything else. But I will stop complaining now… Sorry….

In other news.  A friend of hubby’s that was stationed in North Carolina in the Marines has moved in with us. He’s a great guy, when his wife isn’t causing problems… Him and her lived together there but she came running back here without him. So he is living with us and they are about to go through a huge custody battle and probably a divorce. So there’s that fun. But my husband finally has a friend home that I actually get along with so I’m not complaining. Too much… ;D

Well, the hubster just got done cooking so I’m going to go stuff my face like a fatty now (: Ohhhhh! And I’ve also started running!!! I ran a half mile last thursday and 1.3 miles Sunday. Ok…I walked some of it to. But still, it’s the effort that counts!! Hopefully I will get to run tomorrow with the girls at work. I haven’t ran all week /: I’m a slacker!! But, guys, have a safe and happy 3 day weekend!! And don’t drink too much!!!\


I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!!! (I hope….)

Hey guys!! So I’ve gotten kind of behind on all things in my life. I sincerly apologize!!! I miss all my bloggy lovlies!!! Part of it was that my computer has decided to only work in safe mode, which is a total hasle to change. Another part is that I feel like I’m about to keel over from sheer exhaustion at any second. And the last part is the only things that have happened of note aren’t very fun to talk about. Well, one of them is, but I feel like I’m complaining. (Here’s the gist of that one. My sister-in-law and I almost got into a fist fight and I’m no longer speaking to my mother- and father-in-law. And my oldest isn’t allowed over at their house.)

But here’s a quick update. I was nominated for two awards. The Liebster award and the Wonderful Team Membership award. I will eventually get around to writing an award post for both of those. But I didn’t want to swamp you guys with a HUMONGOUS post after being gone for over a month.

Also, my job is going great. It’s a little hectic and crazy. Right now I have about a two inch stack of invoices laying on my desk waiting to be processed and about an inch long to-do list. These invoices are all at least 3 pages long, but I only need like three things of those three pages. And most of the time they are all on the first page. And the inch long to do list might not sound like much but it’s all very time comsuming things that I have to on top of the emails flooding in and making coffee for both floors of my office. But, such is the life of the low (wo)man on the totem pole in the office!

Hopefully, I will be able to catch up on everyones’ lives soon!! I hope everyone is doing ok!! I miss you guys!!


This a little late, but my computer and I had issues!

June 29, 2012, afternoon. I convinced my husband to take me to the hospital because I was having some pretty intense irregular contractions. So, off we went. I was soon admitted with pre-term labor. I spent a week in the hospital. The first night was the worst.
They pumped this stuff in me called magnesium citrate to stop the contractions. I don’t take IVs well in the first place. So first they gave me morphine for pain and phenagren for the nausea caused be morphine. With my arm on fire from that, they then gave me the magnesium citrate. It felt like I was on fire from one wrist, up my arm, across my chest, and down my other arm. I then proceeded to hold a plastic barf bag up to my face and tried not to dry heave. And of course, since I was in pain, I held my breath. Which made my blood oxygen levels plummet and the blood pressure cuff go crazy. Then (going to get a little TMI here for a minute) they felt a need to insert a catheter, after I repeatedly told them no, because I didn’t have to pee. After removing it, I screamed and cried and whimpered and tried to not to cut off the circulation in my husband’s hand for about 30 minutes. My step mom, who was my rock through this whole ordeal, was in Texas. My parents cut their vacation short and drove 6 hours to come be with me. By that time, the pain in everything but my arm had stopped. I was poked and prodded every four hours the first twenty-four hours, because of the magnesium. Then, I thought I was having contractions yet again, and they took my food away. Who in their right mind takes food away from a pregnant woman?! Did they want to die?! But, anyways.
After that I was in the hospital every weekend for a month, with no changes. Just irregular contractions. One time, a doctor told me that I could stay over night in the labor and delivery room I was in, if I really wanted to. I said no, wanting to sleep in my own bed.

Friday, July 13, 2012, 9 pm. (Of course it was the 13th. Just my luck right?!) My husband and I had just left the dollar movie theater after watching What to Expect When You Are Expecting. (Guys. If you haven’t seen this movie, I suggest you watch it ASAP. It’s a great movie!!) When we got in the car, I started having some uncomfortable contractions, but they weren’t regular enough for me to time. We got home and I went to lay down. Within about 30 minutes I was in tears from the pain. It wasn’t that it hurt really bad, it was uncomfortable and I didn’t really know what was going on. I’d spent a week, and every weekend for a month, in the hospital with no change. By this point I was beyond frustrated. I consulted this wonderful site, and they said to wait it out. I went against their directions and about 11:30 pm, I woke my husband up and back to the hospital we went.

My baby and his feeding tube.

My baby and his feeding tube.

Saturday, July 14, 2012, 5:30 am. My little baby boy decided to grace us with his presence. After almost ripping a nurses face off so that I could push, I finally got to meet the little boy who insisted on coming to join this crazy world earlier than he should have. They had gave me a shot for his lungs a month before so he was breathing just fine. Eating, however, wasn’t going so well. He had a tube in his nose most of the time he was in the hospital, and he was in the hospital for a week. That was the hardest thing in the world to watch. A nurse told me that we could only stay two nights in a room off the nursery. So, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night, hubby and I drove literally 10 minutes away to our town house to sleep as much as we could through crying, just to get up the next morning and drive another 10 minutes back to the hospital. Friday, a doctor (my favorite one by the way) told us that he didn’t care what anyone said, we could stay as long as he was there. The next day he went home.

His smash cake. The box was like four times bigger than the actual cake. So we were all surprised when the cake was like three inches tall and the box was like a foot tall!

His smash cake. The box was like four times bigger than the actual cake.

Sunday, July 14, 2013, 2:00 pm. My little man’s first birthday!!! Now, this birthday party. It couldn’t be easy, ya know, since it was the first. Something HAD to go wrong. A week before the party, I moved it from Saturday to Sunday because my mother in law had a float trip on Saturday. She had already spent money on the float trip, meaning she had already bought the alcohol for the float trip. So, not very many people showed up to the party. But we still had fun! However, I ended up wearing more cake than little man did!

After he smeared cake all over his face. Yes, he looks like he ate a smurf.

After he smeared cake all over his face. Yes, he looks like he ate a smurf.

Then he got done and stuck his pacy in his mouth.

Then he got done and stuck his pacy in his mouth.

After he got done playing in the cake, he had a bath and went outside with my in-laws. A few of my friends who came to the birthday stayed inside with me. I went to the bathroom and came out and had what was left of the smash cake thrown at me. I then proceeded to scream bloody murder because my friend’s wife scared the ever-loving crap out of me. The cake landed face up on the tile floor, so, of course, I grabbed and took off after her. And a cake fight ensued. After the cake fight ended and it was all cleaned up, my in-laws left and I noticed some cake sitting on the high chair still. My friend’s wife had her son laying on her, so we asked hubby to go around the corner to get her some potato salad. (Hubby was yet to be wearing any cake.) So I hid around the corner and attempted to smash cake in his face. I somewhat got him. But, I mostly just got potato salad smashed in my hair. Sadly, I do not have a picture of that. Potato salad smells horrible to me and it was all I could do not to get sick waiting to get into the bathroom to wash it out. But, I do have a picture of me wearing the cake!! So here ya go, laugh it up!! I sure did!!

The girl on the left is my friend's wife and I'm on the right. Obviously, I lost the cake fight. I was laughing way to hard to really fight back.

The girl on the left is my friend’s wife and I’m on the right. Obviously, I lost the cake fight. I was laughing way to hard to really fight back.


A Sticky Mommy is Not A Happy Mommy

Who remembers this medicine disgused as bubble glum flavored deliciousness?!

Who remembers this medicine disguised as bubble glum flavored deliciousness?!

Did you know they don’t make amoxicillin in pink anymore?! It’s now white!! Which makes it way harder to clean up off your skin after you drop the bottle and it spills everywhere!!!!! 

Friday, we took Kase to the doctor. He has an ear infection. We can’t tell if the hand foot and mouth virus has shown up yet. He’s cutting two teeth, so the spots on his face could be from his pacy rubbing on his face and the drool and stuff. So we got a prescription for that bubble gum deliciousness pictured to the left. And just a few minutes ago I went to get Kase his first dose of antibiotics. He was laying in bed with my hubby, screaming because he’s been spoiled this past week, and while I was waiting for the water to get hot, I reached into the refrigerator to grab the medicine. Apparently, someone didn’t put the lid on all the way. So, when I picked it up, it spilled. All over the floor, and all over me. I was sticy from the top of my chest to my belly button. The only reason it didn’t go any farther is because I kept my hands against my shirt to keep it where it was. But, at least it was bubble gum and not something else disgusting.

So, I got the fun task of talking to a nurse and getting  a new bottle. Thankfully, it wasn’t a ruder nurse like I normally do. Have you guys ever noticed that nurses at hospitals are ridiculously rude?! Every single time I talk to someone at the hospital, I never get answers to my questions and I just get rude nurses that ar in a hurry to get off the phone. It’s so annoying . I unserstand there are patients waiting for you, but you also have a patient on the phone asking a question. Most of the time I’m calling about my kids.

Anyways. Sorry. I’m just stressed. How’s everyone else’s weekend going?!

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Sick babies are no fun

Man….  Teething sucks!!! Kase is cutting two teeth. It’s the two next to his top front teeth. The ones in between his front teeth and his incisors. On top of that, hand foot and mouth disease/virus/whatever you wanna call it, is going aroung daycare. For those of you who don’t know what this wonderful illness is, I pulled this from the CDC website.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a common viral illness that usually affects infants and children younger than 5 years old. However, it can sometimes occur in adults. Symptoms of hand, foot, and mouth disease include fever, blister-like sores in the mouth (herpangina), and a skin rash.

Symptoms are fever, general feeling of unwell, poor appetite, and a sore throat. A few days after the fever, sores show up in the mouth. Then, a rash shows up. It shows up on the hands and sole of the feet. It can also show up a number of other places. Thankfully, all we have is the fever. My poor baby feels like crap!! He doesn’t want to cuddle, but he doesn’t want to cuddle. The poor little guy is just miserable!!

Now. I have a question for all the mommies (and daddies I guess) out there. When I was little, I went hunting with my dad. I learned about guns. I learned to respect guns. But, once I started going to daycare, I stopped playing guns. It wasn’t allowed at daycare. I know that it’s not allowed in elementary schools. Hubby thinks that it’s no big deal. As does his family (who, by the way, still haven’t left my house….). I, on the other hand, don’t have a problem teaching my boys about guns and to respect them, but I don’t want them playing guns. It’s a big deal around here. My grandmother was a custodian at an elementary school, and it wasn’t an oddity for a kid to get suspended because he was playing guns. (The child probably had more than one offense, but still, it’s a big deal.) So my question is: Do you let your kids play guns?

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The most awful thing in the world just happened!!!

I’m not even playing right now. I ran out of wine!!! I had a super rough day at work and all I want is a full bottle of wine to take the edge off!! And I’m broke and alcohol-less!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………..


 So, I thought I was going to have to work a 3 to midnight job. (Plenty of time to write blog posts right?!) I was told on like Tuesday of last week that my last day would be last Friday because there was someone hired for the position I was (am) in. So, I got al set to start training for the three to midnight job. Then, Friday, my boss was called into her boss’ office with an HR person. (By the way, I worked with my boss at Wal-Mart and graduated high school with her son, so we are super close.) She came out chuckling and one of the other ladies said it was never good when she came out of there laughing. Well, she stopped at the other ladies desk, said something in a low voice and then came to my desk. About the time she got to my desk, the other lady goes “well then it was meant to be!!” So, I knew right away what was going on. The position was filled tentaviley, meaning as long as this other chick passed her drug test and back ground check, she would have the job. What my boss could tell me was she was offered and accepted the position, but somethin’ somewheres didn’t work out and she didn’t get the job. I did. So. After I work my 72 days, roughly, I will be full time! I would tell you the name, but a) I’m not sure many people know the name of the place and b) it’s never good to share the name of your office on a blog, especially if you have had a stressful day. Like today.

Awww! How cute!! It has lights in it!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut it's empty...

Awww! How cute!! It has lights in it!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut it’s empty…

Since I was all set to go to another department, they had all my information and computer system set up and ready to go. (I had over 750 e-mails from the other department. Most of which I wasn’t even supposed to get over there. They just have like everyone on every e-mail list. That was just between the 17th and today…) So, we had to get every thing changed over to the department I’m staying at. Easy-peasy leamon squeasy! Right? ! WRONG!!! Why, you ask? Oh, you know, because it’s the corporate world! Hevan forbid something be easy there. So, as of 5 this afternoon whenever I left work, I couldn’t access any of my drives. (You know Q drive, H drive, L drive, blah blah blah.) Well, I could if I signed onto the computer using someone else’s signon. But then, I coulnd’t access my own e-mail.

Friday when I left work, the tables I use to input a bunch of info had been disconnected because they had been freezing. So, I couldn’t finish the last 2 pages of information I had to enter on Friday. For the first, like, 3 hours of work, all I did was look through notes and try to figure out what I needed to retype and what I didn’t. (I have a book of someone else’s notes with confusing writing so I’m trying to make my own book with less confusing notes.) Then, I had a stack of invoices that I had to key. I seriously got a manila envelope of nothing but invoices from one company. 29 invoices in this envelope. That’s not including the FedEx envelope from another company full of invoices, and all the other invoices that came in single envelopes. So. Right now, as I type this, I have about half an inch of invoices that need to be entered. Another stack about the same height that needs to be copied, sent to another department, and filed. Another stack of stuff that I have to get unit numbers on. And, yet another stack of stuff that needs to be filed. Ohhh.. And yet another stack of stuff that I couldn’t do today because I couldn’t access my tables. Awesome right?!

But anyway…… I GOT A JOB!!!!!! One that will eventually have benefits and amazing pay and job oppurtunities!!! And bosses that tooootally kill my caolorie counting. Friday, my boss’ boss bought me and two other ladies Chick-Fil-A. (If you don’t know what Chick-Fil-A is then I beg you, please please please find a chance to eat at one!!) He also bought like the entire office blizzards from Dairy Queen!!! I’m so excited!!!! Like you don’t even know how excited!!!! Wooo!! Go me!!!!



P.S. Guys. Let me know if the first picture doesn’t load!!


There is something in the water…

Guys. I’m not even joking…. Everyone and their mother…okay. Maybe not their mother but like everyone is pregnant!! I went to dinner with some girlfriends and one of them is about 16 weeks along and has night sickness instead of morning sickness. Poor thing threw up her dinner while I was taking her home.. And then yesterday hubby and I had a baby shower to go to. We played some…interesting games… We had to run an obstacle course with a balloon under our shirt. (Hubby ran it twice. Once with us women and once with his friend, who’s the daddy.) We then had a race to see who could drink 3 ounces out of a slow flow bottle. (It was 5 ounces  but we decided to go to 3. Hubby and his friend totally cheated. First, they took the top of the bottle and just drank it out of the bottle. Then, the baby daddy poked a hole in another nipple and drank it again.) By the way, for those of you who have never tried to drink out of a bottle, it’s suuuuper hard. And if you don’t know what a slow flow nipple is, it is like a drip of liquid coming out. A very. Slow. Drip. But yeah.. Everyone is pregnant!! (No, I’m not pregnant. I promise.)

Cute belly!!!

Cute belly!!!

So I also have a show to tell you guys about!!! It’s called Drop Dead Diva. It’s an amazing show!!! This skinny, blonde haired, aspiring model (who is actually kinda chubby and ugly) is in a car accident. She goes to heaven but she’s not ready to die. So, she pushes the return button and gets sent back to Earth…to a different body. A full figured, dark haired lawyer. Who is insanley smart. So now, the model has all of her memories but not very many of the lawyer’s. Now she has to navigate through a world that she knows nothing about. Including being a lawyer, in court, and with clients. The only people who know that the model is actually the lawyer are her best friend and her gaurdian angel. Oh, and the model’s boyfriend (almost fiance) works at the law firm with the lawyer. So, she also has to navigate the feelings she still has for him and watch him date other people and stuff. It’s a pretty great show. (P.S. ladies, in the episode I’m watching. She dances with half naked men. The men from Thunder from Down Under.) I’m in love with this show!!! I’m not sure how many seasons there are but I watch it on Netflix. It comes on LifeTime though I think. Plus, ya know, there are like 3 amazing guys that are normally on the show, plus all the extras.

This is the cast. The ugly model girl isn't in this picture. She is only seen in a handfull of episodes.

This is the cast. The ugly model girl isn’t in this picture. She is only seen in a handfull of episodes.

Guys, I’m going to need a new show eventually  so feel free to suggest some good ones on Netflix!!


I Forgot Someone!!

Last night I went to bed at like 6:45. Guys. It was great!! But before I went to bed I was cruising Facebook, wondering why, oh why, do I still have this drama filled pit of despair?! And then I ran across one of my friend’s updates that they had liked a blog. A WordPress blog. So I clicked on it. I found a touching, tearful, scary, messy new blog to follow. The author of the blog is a mommy of three. Recently, she went through something that I hope I never have to experience. I would collapse in a puddle of hysterics, crawl into a hole, and never come out. Even though I have two kids. Jill, the author of this blog, is a strong, beautiful, amazing woman. Much stronger than I am. So, I wanted to award her the Shine On award. If someone was ever more diserving of this award it’s her. (I’m going to let her tell you guys her story. So go check out her blog!!)


Jill, I’m going to waive one of the rules, so you don’t need to mominate 15 other blogs. Unless you want to. But you do have to display this award on your blog and tell us seven things about yourself. Well, you don’t have to. But if you want to we would love to hear (read) them!!!


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