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Sick babies are no fun

Man….  Teething sucks!!! Kase is cutting two teeth. It’s the two next to his top front teeth. The ones in between his front teeth and his incisors. On top of that, hand foot and mouth disease/virus/whatever you wanna call it, is going aroung daycare. For those of you who don’t know what this wonderful illness is, I pulled this from the CDC website.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a common viral illness that usually affects infants and children younger than 5 years old. However, it can sometimes occur in adults. Symptoms of hand, foot, and mouth disease include fever, blister-like sores in the mouth (herpangina), and a skin rash.

Symptoms are fever, general feeling of unwell, poor appetite, and a sore throat. A few days after the fever, sores show up in the mouth. Then, a rash shows up. It shows up on the hands and sole of the feet. It can also show up a number of other places. Thankfully, all we have is the fever. My poor baby feels like crap!! He doesn’t want to cuddle, but he doesn’t want to cuddle. The poor little guy is just miserable!!

Now. I have a question for all the mommies (and daddies I guess) out there. When I was little, I went hunting with my dad. I learned about guns. I learned to respect guns. But, once I started going to daycare, I stopped playing guns. It wasn’t allowed at daycare. I know that it’s not allowed in elementary schools. Hubby thinks that it’s no big deal. As does his family (who, by the way, still haven’t left my house….). I, on the other hand, don’t have a problem teaching my boys about guns and to respect them, but I don’t want them playing guns. It’s a big deal around here. My grandmother was a custodian at an elementary school, and it wasn’t an oddity for a kid to get suspended because he was playing guns. (The child probably had more than one offense, but still, it’s a big deal.) So my question is: Do you let your kids play guns?

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O Doctor’s Office, How I Despise Thee

But no. Seriously. If I had it my way, some people who work at doctor’s offices wouldn’t work there. Because at the moment I’m tempted to pull half of them through the phone/window (which ever one I’m talking to them through), rip there faces off, and shove it down their throats! Today, when a nurse neglected to tell me important information on the phone, I almost did just that.

Back story.

I’m trying to get my two year old into a free program offered by a daycare. For that I need a whole list of things, one of which being a physical. So. Being the smart mom I am, I called to schedule one ASAP. After sitting on hold for a good 3 minutes, the nurse at his current doctor’s office informed me that, because my son has medicaid (how much I despise medicaid is for another day…) he can’t have another “well child check up” until after he turns three, or in June (which is when he had his last one). Not real sure… I was pretty upset by this point. She also informed me that the office that did the check up in June of last year could get me the records. I not so politely informed the woman I was talking to that I didn’t know what clinic it was that did the check up. That was 9 months, part of a pregnancy, and a baby ago.

So. After spending a good three days trying to find this clinic in the phone book and through other doctor’s offices, I finally contact them on Thursday of last week. The lady on the phone tells me that she will have the paper work I need faxed over to my office by two that afternoon. Great, I think. This is going perfect. Well. Two in the afternoon comes and it goes. No paper work. The rest of Thursday and Friday are crazy! So I don’t get a chance to call until today. (Yes I realize I left out Monday, but to be honest I’m not totally sure Monday happened at this point.) I tell the lady on the phone that the records where supposed to be faxed by two Thursday. She asks if I signed a paper. Uhhhh….. No. I called your office. On Thursday. At like 11. I didn’t sign crap…. So on my lunch, I haul ass to the doctor’s office to get the paper work I need thinking “Oh this will be no big deal. I can get them and get back to work no problem.” Boy was I WRONG!!!

I get there. I again inform the chick at the counter that I needed these paper faxed, that they weren’t faxed, and I need them today. She has me fill out that I need to have the papers faxed, while informing me that it will take five to seven days to get the paper work. Which is literally right behind her. Now, I understand that doctor’s offices are busy. But… There was one family in the waiting room and some other chick sitting at the counter next to the one I was talking to. So. You’re telling me that it takes you five to seven days to get off your ass and find records I need? Awesome…… I need these papers by Monday, but obviously that isn’t happening. So I responded to her with “So if my child doesn’t get into daycare it’s your fault.” The nurse then looked at me, shrugged, and said “No, it’s yours for not coming in sooner.” My response? The same response any stay at home/working mom would have: “I’m sorry but I had sh** to do.” And then stormed out.

This is obviously not me but this was my face after talking to that woman. Source:

This is obviously not me but this was my face after talking to that woman. Source:

I then proceeded to call my lovely step mom and complain to her about it. (She almost always saves the day.) She then told me to call another doctors office to see if they had any appointments. (This was after trying to tell my son’s dad that my son needs a physical. He, of course, ignored me. Heaven forbid he pay more than child support… But again, that’s another day.) This doctor’s office wouldn’t do it. The next office I called didn’t have appointments open. The next office didn’t even bother to look because as soon as I informed her that I was self paying, she told me about a cheaper clinic. A first visit at her clinic was like $130. So. I scored the phone book for this number. I texted Google for this number. (For those of you who don’t know, yes you can text google to get phone numbers! You just simply type “google” but with numbers!) Couldn’t find this stupid number

Again, not me but you get the picture. Source:

Again, not me but you get the picture. Source:

Finally, my dad calls me and tells me to call the doctor’s office that my grandma goes to. (This is the same office I went to for the longest time.) Hallelujah!!! They have an appointment at two today and I need to be there by 1:40 to do paper work!!!! Now comes the task of asking off from the job that I’m a temp at….. Oh. Lookie there. Not a problem! My boss totally understands!! I guess something will work out with all this!! 😀

Where I wish I was.... Being oh so happy about how things worked out. Source:

Where I wish I was…. Being oh so happy about how things worked out. Source:




This comes after I get pulled over for speeding, get cited for no insurance, and get a court date in a month. Which I will again have to take off from my temp job for. Awesomeness right?!

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