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Heeeeeeeeey guys!! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long but after staring at a computer all day at work, my eyes are screaming for a break. Plus I’ve also started at a gym so by the time I get home, all I want to do is eat and fall into bed and sleep for years!!! On the plus side, my insurance will kick in, in like 60 something days!! Meaning this girl can get her happy pills!! Woooo!!!

This is what the app icon looks like . I just searched c25k in my app store.

This is what the app icon looks like . I just searched c25k in my app store.

So I’m sure you guys are probably wondering about the title of this post. C25K? What the heck is that?! Well, it means Couch 2 5K. That’s right. I started a couch to 5k program!! I’m super excited!!! (Just by the way a 5k isn’t 5 miles. It’s about 3.1 miles. Which isn’t as intimidating.) As I mentioned above I started at a gym. I go to Planet Fitness. It;s a pretty great gym. It’s either $10 or $20 a month. The $20 a month is actually a year or so contract but you get to use massage chairs, hydro massage beds(water massage), tanning beds, and this thing called the Body Angel which is a total body enhancement thing. Plus the 30 minute workout, 12 minute ab ripper, and all of their other machines and equipment. I started my couch to 5k a week ago Friday. The first week you do a 5 minute warm up and cool down walk and you also do 8 cycles of running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds. Its a total of 30 minutes but I’m not sure how far you go. But this week I’m doing the 5 minute warm up and cool down walk and 6 cycles of 90 seconds of running and 2 minutes of walking. It’s a total of 31 minutes and I looked at my distance on the treadmill today and it was pretty much 2 miles. If I had paused the treadmill every time I took a break it would have been more accurate but if you pause the treadmill for too long it stops and then the distance starts all over again.

Ipf realized Monday morning that you are only supposed to run like 3 days a week so my schedule is a little funky. I run Friday, Saturday, and Monday, then I rode the bike and did the 30 minute work out thing on Tuesday and Wednesday. I take Sundays off for church and Thursdays off so I can go to my little brother’s football game. (The 30 minute workout alternates between steps and machines. There is a light that looks like a stop light that shows red when it’s time to switch between the two. When the light goes green it’s time to start exercising. There are 3 leg machines and 5 arm machines in the workout circuit. Plus a set of steps for every machine. So it’s a total of 20 stations.) It’s pretty amazing. I’m trying to get back down to the weight I was either after I had my first son, or down to my high school weight.  Don’t really see the second one happening. Hubby, though, has lost 20 pounds! I’m so proud of him!!

But, back to my little brother and football! My little brother is actually my step brother, but we’ve been siblings for 6 years, so he’s my brother. He is a scrawny kid. He weighs 95 pounds soaking wet. And Thursday was his second game to play in for his 8th grade team. Don’t ask me what position he played or who had the ball. I was too busy jumping up and down and screaming because he was actually on the field. The first play he played in, he tripped and fell and inadvertently tripped the guy he was blocking and took him down, too. Before he went in my dad and the guy behind him were screaming at the coach “Put John in! We wanna see John play!!” When he went in we were on our feet the whole time! This girl was one proud sister!! At another game we went, I stayed for the 9th grade game that he wasn’t playing in so I could see my dad and hang out with my parents. Well, my brother was walking around by himself so I went and walked around with him. He wanted to walk around with me. That’s right. My thirteen year old brother was willing to walk around the football field with his big sister. Talk about getting choked up!! I told him he made my day when he wanted to do that.

I will try to keep you guys updated on my progress with this! I have two 5ks in December. One on the 7th and one on the 15th. So hopefully I will remember to get some pictures and info about it! Maybe even get a link so you guys can see my progress and how good I do!!

On another note. What’s everyone doing for Halloween? Are you dressing up? Carving pumpkins? Decorating? I want to see pictures and hear all about it!!!! I will be posting about my little one’s Halloween costumes and everything soon!

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Really bro?! Really?!

Gaaaaaaaaah!!!!! Basketball…. Why, why was this sport invented?! There are no guys in tight pants, the guys are all a bazillion feet tall, and the NBA guys all have weird hair going on. It’s just not hot…. I would MUCH rather watch football or baseball. You got averge size guys, tight pants, and mostly normal hair stuff.

This is what he has. This color and everything!

This is what he has. This color and everything!

So today hubby got a bike. Like a motorcycle. It’s a Kawasaki, that’s all I know. It’s a 2013 with only 1,000 miles on it!! His best friend got it and can’t make the payments so my husband is taking over the payments. Wooooo…….. (See the dots? I’m being sarcastic…) Well, we had to go get a bill of sale from the friend at one end of town, then drive to another end of town to get the bike. Then I followed hubby back to the house and like every horrible thing that could happen was running through my head. My sister in law was at home with the boys. So It was just me freaking out in the car, with no distractions…

Then when I got back, she was cleaning my house… When we left, she was putting the boy’s laundry up. No big deal, it needed to be put up anyway. We we got back, she grabbed our swiffer and asked if we had any swiffer pads. We have wood floors so we use pledge wipes. We just put them on the swiffer like normal swiffer thingys. She swiffered then swept one spot on the floor. That’s it. One spot. Big enough for her to lay down so her….person dude guy pop her back or whatever. Then, she goes into my kitchen, gets the Comet cleaner stuff, goes to the bathroom, and cleans the sink. Just the sink. And rearranged my makeup. I was not a happy camper. First off, if your gonna clean, do it right. Clean the whole bathroom or the whole floor. Not just part of it. Second, my house isn’t that dirty. I don’t come into your house and clean your house. Soooo. Don’t come clean mine. If you don’t like it, there’s the door. K? Thanks….


Ok. I’m done with my rant. How’s everyone else’s night going?!





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