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The Elavator

The PromptYou’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.


It was a dark, rainy morning. Everyone that stepped on the elevator was soaking wet. I was no exception. But that morning, there was something ominous in the air. Something that didn’t seem quite right. The doors opened and in stepped a figure in a long, black trench coat. Their head was ducked down behind a high, upturned collar. Soon, it was just me and the figure alone in the cramped space. Water dripped from the coat, forming a puddle around their feet.

It’s the Hash Slinging Slasher. I know it! I thought, getting more afraid by the second. I’m going to die. This person is going to whip out a hook and slice me in half and no one is going to hear me scream! I started shaking in my four inch heels. The elevator door dinged. I can’t even run in these…I will fall and break my ankle and it will be every chase scene in a horror movie come to life! Scenario after scenario started playing through my head. I Know What You Did Last SummerScream, HalloweenTexas Chainsaw Massacre.

The figure slowly started turning towards me as I got ready to dart out the doors, praying I was faster. The figure faced me and slowly lifted their head. A scream built in the back of my throat. I started to open my mouth when I realized I knew the face looking at me. It was one of the guys a few cubicles down from mine.

“Hey, you getting off here?” he asked. My mouth snapped shut and I stomped out of the elevator. I turned black and glared at him. “Thanks for scaring the bajeesus out of me.” I continued to stomp to my desk as he snickered behind me.


It Had to be Clowns…..

This post holds no extreme spoilers for the show Supernatural. Just a quick thing about the show.

So. We are on the first episode of season two. And guess what guys? Sh@! just got real. Like really real. I should probably tell you guys that I’m a fraidy cat. Like I just went to pee and tried to get the hubster to go open the bathroom door down our dark, and short, hallway. I’m the biggest fraidy cat you will ever see. Why am I watching Supernatural, you ask? Because there are hot guys!! Plus I used to be a huge horror movie fan and I’m a nerd and love all that which craft/demon crap.

So cute, yet so scared. What I look like...

So cute, yet so scared. What I look like…

So in this episode, is my greatest fear. Don’t laugh, please don’t laugh. It’s a totally legit fear. Clowns. Clowns are one of the scariest things I’ve ever come across. Other than bugs. But hey, bugs are everywhere. Kinda have to learn to deal with them. (I do have some pretty hilarious freak outs when bugs land on me.) But yeah. Clowns. Scare the ever loving…stuffing out of me.

Look, I was even nice enough to put a nice clown, instead of scary ones....

Look, I was even nice enough to put a nice clown, instead of scary ones….

So yeah. This episode is about evil clowns and scary stuffs. So now, I’m gonna be scared all freaking night…. Someone want to come cuddle me and make me scarred?!

I’m probably going to regret asking this question buuuut, what scares the bajesus outta you guys? What is your greatest fear? 

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This is going to be a giant post of nothing but random stuff. So. Just warning everyone!!!

First random thought up is the new show I’m watching. It’s not new but it’s new to me. Its called Supernatural. I was looking through the 3 Chic Geeks‘ blog and I found a really neat list they have. The list is called “Fictional boys we would like to date (who would make horrible boyfriends)”. On this list they have people like Draco Malfoy, Sam and Dean Winchester, and BBC’s version of Sherlock Holmes. (I won’t put everyone because I don’t want to ruin the awesomeness of this list.) Reading through this list and “More fictional boys we would like to date (who would make even worse boyfriends)”, it made me want to watch a couple of these shows. One was Supernatural. So, thanks to the amazingness of Netflix, I’m watching it. I’m pretty sure I’m still only in the first season and ohmigosh guys!!! Its ah-freaking-mazing!! Now, I don’t suggest watching it if you don’t like horror movies. It gets pretty intense!!

On top of an amazing show you have these two sexy, sexy men to look at. (Apparently a third very sexy man comes in later on but I'm not sure who he is yet..)

On top of an amazing show you have these two sexy, sexy men to look at. (Apparently a third very sexy man comes in later on but I’m not sure who he is yet..)

The second piece of randomness is I mowed our yard for the first time this year!! Well.  I didn’t, my husband did. I just spread out the leaves on the dead spots in the year. Hubby then mowed over them for mulch. But! what grass is growing (which is surprisingly a lot) is super green and feels amazing on my feet! Well, at least I think it does… I know the grass at my grandma’s feels good on my feet! I walked around barefoot and hunted eggs with my youngest.



The last piece of randomness is  that my baby, actually my oldest but I call him my baby, will be three years old in eleven days. I can’t believe it!! It is just crazy!!!! Time has really flown!! He has gotten so big so fast! He repeats everything you say, he’s pretty much completely potty trained (well he is but we still have accidents at night but that’s it), he’s super tall, and he will be in pre-k next year!! Oh my goodness!! Just crazy!! (And, in 10 days this momma will be 21!! Woo Woo!!!)

Isn't this the cutest?!

Isn’t this the cute?! They have one with no color that you can color yourself!


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