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The most awful thing in the world just happened!!!

I’m not even playing right now. I ran out of wine!!! I had a super rough day at work and all I want is a full bottle of wine to take the edge off!! And I’m broke and alcohol-less!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………..


 So, I thought I was going to have to work a 3 to midnight job. (Plenty of time to write blog posts right?!) I was told on like Tuesday of last week that my last day would be last Friday because there was someone hired for the position I was (am) in. So, I got al set to start training for the three to midnight job. Then, Friday, my boss was called into her boss’ office with an HR person. (By the way, I worked with my boss at Wal-Mart and graduated high school with her son, so we are super close.) She came out chuckling and one of the other ladies said it was never good when she came out of there laughing. Well, she stopped at the other ladies desk, said something in a low voice and then came to my desk. About the time she got to my desk, the other lady goes “well then it was meant to be!!” So, I knew right away what was going on. The position was filled tentaviley, meaning as long as this other chick passed her drug test and back ground check, she would have the job. What my boss could tell me was she was offered and accepted the position, but somethin’ somewheres didn’t work out and she didn’t get the job. I did. So. After I work my 72 days, roughly, I will be full time! I would tell you the name, but a) I’m not sure many people know the name of the place and b) it’s never good to share the name of your office on a blog, especially if you have had a stressful day. Like today.

Awww! How cute!! It has lights in it!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut it's empty...

Awww! How cute!! It has lights in it!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut it’s empty…

Since I was all set to go to another department, they had all my information and computer system set up and ready to go. (I had over 750 e-mails from the other department. Most of which I wasn’t even supposed to get over there. They just have like everyone on every e-mail list. That was just between the 17th and today…) So, we had to get every thing changed over to the department I’m staying at. Easy-peasy leamon squeasy! Right? ! WRONG!!! Why, you ask? Oh, you know, because it’s the corporate world! Hevan forbid something be easy there. So, as of 5 this afternoon whenever I left work, I couldn’t access any of my drives. (You know Q drive, H drive, L drive, blah blah blah.) Well, I could if I signed onto the computer using someone else’s signon. But then, I coulnd’t access my own e-mail.

Friday when I left work, the tables I use to input a bunch of info had been disconnected because they had been freezing. So, I couldn’t finish the last 2 pages of information I had to enter on Friday. For the first, like, 3 hours of work, all I did was look through notes and try to figure out what I needed to retype and what I didn’t. (I have a book of someone else’s notes with confusing writing so I’m trying to make my own book with less confusing notes.) Then, I had a stack of invoices that I had to key. I seriously got a manila envelope of nothing but invoices from one company. 29 invoices in this envelope. That’s not including the FedEx envelope from another company full of invoices, and all the other invoices that came in single envelopes. So. Right now, as I type this, I have about half an inch of invoices that need to be entered. Another stack about the same height that needs to be copied, sent to another department, and filed. Another stack of stuff that I have to get unit numbers on. And, yet another stack of stuff that needs to be filed. Ohhh.. And yet another stack of stuff that I couldn’t do today because I couldn’t access my tables. Awesome right?!

But anyway…… I GOT A JOB!!!!!! One that will eventually have benefits and amazing pay and job oppurtunities!!! And bosses that tooootally kill my caolorie counting. Friday, my boss’ boss bought me and two other ladies Chick-Fil-A. (If you don’t know what Chick-Fil-A is then I beg you, please please please find a chance to eat at one!!) He also bought like the entire office blizzards from Dairy Queen!!! I’m so excited!!!! Like you don’t even know how excited!!!! Wooo!! Go me!!!!



P.S. Guys. Let me know if the first picture doesn’t load!!


COD and Easter

Since I know every one wants to hear about my wonderful day at the office filing stuff, and answering phones, and making copies. I will tell you all about it!!

APRIL FOOLS!!!    Yeah that was a bad joke I know. But what can ya do?

What I will tell you about is my attempt to play Call of Duty: Black Ops! I say attempt because I failed. Miserably!! My husband and my brother in law play ALL. THE. TIME. Like seriously I have to fight for the tv. If we aren’t watching Glee on Netflix, (I’ve already seen all the episodes on there but now my husband id going back through watching the ones that he hasn’t seen. Which is like season 1 and 2 and half of season 3) then COD is being played. My sister in law is good at zombies, or so she says. So my husband convinced her to play regular COD where you shoot people and not zombies. She kept dying so I took the controller. In a seven minute round, between the two of us, we killed one person.

Yup. You read that right. One. Person. Don’t ask me how many times we died, because I have no clue. But I know we killed one person!! We are that crappy!!

In other news. On Easter, my 8 month old officially rolled off the couch for the first time! I know, I know, what a horrible milestone to be celebrating!! I’m a horrible mommy!   Well, I’m not really celebrating, just simply saying. I figured he would have fallen off the couch way sooner because I’m prettier sure my two year old rolled off my bed, which was way taller than my couch, sooner than this… (I really need to come up with nicknames for them…..)

But. Yeah. My life is so interesting right now isn’t it?! I’m sorry for such a lame post after my other awe-tacular ones.. My bad!!! The creative juices just ain’t flowin’ today peeps!!  So. Hope every one had a happy Easter!! Until next time!!

And if you didn't get enough peeps....

And if you didn’t get enough peeps….

(P.S. For some more peepin’ good fun!! Put a peep in the microwave and see what happens!!! But be sure to put a plate under it!!)

Now that is an awesome use of a very gross treat!!! Check out this source for some more..interesting stuff!!

Now that is an awesome use of a very gross treat!!! Check out this source for some more interesting stuff!!

P.S.S. Thank you to every one following my blog!! I’m sorry I’m a little late getting to you guys!!



Note: I attempted to yet again play COD. I had 2 kill streaks (they were only 2 kills but hey it works!) and had 7 kills the last round I played! Look at me getting good and stuff!! 

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