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What kind of truth is this?!

Guys. This truth. It’s a horrible one!! The scenario: your best friend is in a car accident and you two got in a fight an hour before. What do you do?

Well, there are a lot of factors here to consider. Is she in the hospital? Was she drinking? Was her son with her? How hurt is she? Lets just say that she is, indeed in the hospital, not with anything life threatening. Her sweet baby boy was not with here and no she was not drinking.

I would drive as fast as possible to the hospital and probably get pulled over. (Because the cops in my town just don’t care that you only have half a face of make up on and you are rushing to your sick best friends bedside. You are still doing 80 in a 55 zone. Here’s your ticket, try and slow it down, and I hope your friend is okay, have a nice day.) I would sprint through the hospital yelling at the poor nurses to let me in her room before I draw more attention to myself (which isn’t possible at this point). I would then get in her room, cry, and apologize profusely even though her arm is just broken and she is just waiting on the doctor come put a cast on it.

The whole way over there, I would have been imagining some thing waaaaaaaaaay worse than it actually was. Like bones protruding from skin, internal bleeding, brain hemorrhage. You know, the works.

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This Can’t Be Happening.

“Oh. My. Gosh!” were the only words that could describe the utter terror I felt when I ripped out half my eyebrow thanks to a lovely face mask I found on Pintrest Friday night. Yes. You read that right. I ripped out part of my eye brow. With a face mask. Found on Pintrest.

“What?! What did you do?” my husband asked from his spot on the other side of the room. As I explained his face went from horror to amusement to trying not to laugh as his wife stood over him on the verge of tears. Tears of pain and humiliation.

The mask I found was a DIY mask that had two ingredients: milk and unflavored gelatin. You mix a tablespoon or so of each, microwave it for a few seconds, and immediately apply it to your face. Once it hardens you peel it off. The thing said that it pulls out black heads and leaves your face baby butt smooth. I was all for this because I just had about 500 black heads pop up on my chin, nose, and forehead.

So it got hard (that’s what she said…sorry couldn’t resist), and I started pulling the mask off. Man, it was like waxing!! I pulled off a couple pieces next to my eyebrow and noticed a few hairs but ignored it. I got the stuff of my chin, most of my forehead, my nose, and a little off my jaw. (It wouldn’t harden on my jaw for some reason.) Then I went to pull it off of my eyebrow… Aaaaaaand there went half of it. In my hand. Needless to say, I didn’t go anywhere Saturday and the only reason I got out of my house Sunday was because my grandma needed me to come help her jump start her car. Which turned into a trip to the grocery store. Then I just thought “what the hell…might as well go to church…”. And I’m of course at work…

Thankfully no one has said anything about it unless I point it out. So, obviously I haven’t pointed it out to too many people. Just two of my best friends and my grandma. They were nice enough to not bust out laughing at me like my husband almost did… Guess it’s time to invest in a brow pencil… Hopefully I can’t screw that up to bad.

And for your viewing pleasure, my lovely missing eyebrow...

And for your viewing pleasure, my lovely missing eyebrow…


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