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Let’s Get Down to Business!!!

First off. I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all those lovely mommies out there!! Hope you ladies all had a wonderful day!! Second off we are going to play catch up again. Sorry guys. I was having a rough weekend. But we are back on track now!! So here we go!

Day Ten. This one is someone that you wish you had never met or someone you need to let go. I don’t really wish I hadn’t met anyone or need to let anyone go. This kind of ties into the whole no regrets thing. Everyone that has been in my life has made me the person I am today.

Day Eleven. Something people seem to compliment you the most on. Hmm. I’m gonna have to say my eyes. While they annoy me, everyone else loves my eyes. It annoys me that they can never, ever, ever pick a color. Everyone else thinks it is so amazing that they change colors so much. Also, I get a million compliments on my hair. It annoys me though because it’s straight as a board and more often than not it doesn’t cooperate.

This is a good example of what mine do.

This is a good example of what mine do.

Day Twelve. Something you never get complimented on. I honestly don’t get the many compliments on my smile. And I’m a very smiley person. I smile constantly. Plus, being a receptionist it’s part of the job. But yeah, hardly any compliments on my smile.

I wish I could wear lipstick this color!! It's gorgeous!!

I wish I could wear lipstick this color!! It’s gorgeous!


Day Quatre!

Guys!! Has anyone noticed that I’m a day off as far as days? Today is the fifth and we are on truth number four… It confused me! Any one else?! No? ….alrighty then! Moving on…

Day Quatre! (That‘s day four to those who don’t speak french!)

Today’s truth is another rough one. Today’s is something I have to forgive someone for. This is another one that I have to think about. Like I said yesterday, I don’t like to have regrets in life. I don’t like to look back and think, Wow, I wish I could have done that different. And besides aren’t we supposed to forgive everyone that has wronged us? So I guess when it comes to this one, I need to forgive my mom.

We have had a rough relationship through the years. It probably started at 13. I mean, this was the time were rebellion really starts right? Well, it got preeetty crazy. When I told you guys about my house burning down, I told you a little about what happened. My mom cheated on my dad and they got divorced. Well after the move my mom remarried. He was a total jerk face, to put it nicely, so we left and moved to Little Rock. I resented her for moving away form my friends and away from my dad. I also resented her for ripping my family apart. Years have gone by, and our relationship continually got worse. Almost a year ago we stopped talking completely. I asked her to not contact me unless it was an emergency.

About six months later, we had a discussion in mine and my husband’s Sunday school class. Our leader told us that if we randomly thought of someone, just out of a blue, to pray for them. God had put their name on our heart for a reason. So, that’s what I did. I also slowly started trying to fix the relationship between her and I. Recently, we saw each other for the first time in almost two years (because she lived across the country).

So. There’s my truth for the day. Now time to go find something yummy and delicious and sweet!! (: Night guys!!

Finding this picture made me want a cupcake SO bad!!! And I wish my cupcakes could look this good!!!

Finding this picture made me want a cupcake SO bad!!! And I wish my cupcakes could look this good!!!

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