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Weekend Plans Gone Awry

Buzzzzzz. Buzzzzz. I looked down as my phone vibrated across my desk at work Friday morning. Who the heck is calling me at 9:30? They know I’m at work… I saw my mom’s husband’s name flash across the screen Well Todd wouldn’t be calling unless it was something important… So I answered


“Danielle? Its Todd. I’ve got some news about your momma,” came the response from the other end of the line. “You know how I took her to the hospital last night?”

“Yeah….” I said thinking back to the conversation my mom and I had. Her right arm had been going numb and so had the right side of her mouth causing her to be unable to talk. She had told me about it a few weeks earlier. I didn’t want to scare her so I told her it sounded like a pinched nerve and told her to go to the doctor.

“Well, she’s had a couple mini strokes. That’s why her arm was going numb and she couldn’t talk.” My eyes instantly filled with tears. “She’s been admitted to the hospital.” The tears started over flowing. I tried to keep my voice steady as I finished the conversation.

“Have you called Memaw and Pepaw?” He had, they were on their way. “Ok. Just keep me updated. We will see you soon!”

I jumped up and rushed to the bathroom to try to calm down and breathe. My mother was at the hospital. She’d had multiple mini strokes. Not only was she in the hospital, she was in a hospital we had some rough memories at. So it was even harder. I walked out of the bathroom, still on the verge of a panic attack as I walked up to a coworker to tell her I was stepping outside to call my husband. That afternoon we made the three-hour trip south to Little Rock, Arkansas. We had already been planning to go down there already to visit family. This just through a small kink in our plans.

The diagnosis: my mommy had a blood clot in her brain that they thinned with blood thinners. She has a dark spot on her left frontal lobe and the lobe behind it. This is damage from where her brain wasn’t getting oxygen during the strokes. She has a blockage in her carotid artery (the other major artery in your neck) which is causing her right arm to go numb and stop working. This will need surgery. A surgeon will put a stent in to clear the blockage and keep another one from forming. She will be on aspirin for the rest of her natural life. She cannot, under any circumstances pick up another cigarette as long as she lives, not even an electronic one. She has a little trouble getting her words out right and stringing her thoughts together. But other than that, she’s ok. She was released Sunday afternoon.

This whole ordeal has definitely changed my opinion of mine and my mother’s relationship. We have our ups and downs, that’s for sure, but she is still my mommy and I love her. Seeing her looking so small and fragile in the hospital bed made me tear up all over again. I scooted her over and curled up in the bed with her for the first hour or so we were there. When we left Sunday morning, I couldn’t hug her enough and emphasize how much I truly do love her.

This is a picture of my mommy in 10th grade. Sadly I don't have any pictrues of us together on hand. I took this one from a stash of my grandmother's pictures

This is a picture of my mommy in 10th grade. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of us together on hand. I took this one from a stash of my grandmother’s pictures

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The Elavator

The PromptYou’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.


It was a dark, rainy morning. Everyone that stepped on the elevator was soaking wet. I was no exception. But that morning, there was something ominous in the air. Something that didn’t seem quite right. The doors opened and in stepped a figure in a long, black trench coat. Their head was ducked down behind a high, upturned collar. Soon, it was just me and the figure alone in the cramped space. Water dripped from the coat, forming a puddle around their feet.

It’s the Hash Slinging Slasher. I know it! I thought, getting more afraid by the second. I’m going to die. This person is going to whip out a hook and slice me in half and no one is going to hear me scream! I started shaking in my four inch heels. The elevator door dinged. I can’t even run in these…I will fall and break my ankle and it will be every chase scene in a horror movie come to life! Scenario after scenario started playing through my head. I Know What You Did Last SummerScream, HalloweenTexas Chainsaw Massacre.

The figure slowly started turning towards me as I got ready to dart out the doors, praying I was faster. The figure faced me and slowly lifted their head. A scream built in the back of my throat. I started to open my mouth when I realized I knew the face looking at me. It was one of the guys a few cubicles down from mine.

“Hey, you getting off here?” he asked. My mouth snapped shut and I stomped out of the elevator. I turned black and glared at him. “Thanks for scaring the bajeesus out of me.” I continued to stomp to my desk as he snickered behind me.


Let’s Play Catch!

Catch up, that is… Sorry I missed my day yesterday! I was sick. I have no clue what happened. One minute I was sitting at my desk, joking around with one of the guys, and the next I’m speeding home as fast as I can trying not to pull over to get sick. It was crazy guys.. I was going to do a post but my oh so lovely computer wasn’t cooperating last night… I’m about to just throw the stupid thing out the window and call it good! But anyways. We are going to do two days today. So let’s get started, shall we?

Day Cinq (that’s five for those who don’t speak French!)

Yesterday’s day is something that you hope to do in your life. Since we’ve already covered school, and in case you guys didn’t know I would love to go back, we will go over something else. When I was younger, we went to a rodeo in Texas. Or I think it was a rodeo. Anyway, I told my dad that I was going to win the National Finals Rodeo in barrel racing in that arena. To this day, that is still something that I would like to accomplish!

Now, if you guys haven’t seen anyone barrel race before here is the first thing you should know: it’s on horse back. (Me? Talking about horses and my love for them? Crazy, I know.) There are three barrels set up in a triangle formation. You can either go to the left or right first. But, either way, you are timed. If you knock over a barrel, it adds a five second penalty. (Tip for beginners: DO NOT LEAN TOWARDS THE BARRELS YOU WILL FALL OFF. I personally never fell off but it was a close one.) The winning time, I think, is either 16 point something or 17 seconds flat. Doesn’t that sound fun?! No? Alrighty, it’s just me. Kay.

This is the pattern. they are obviously labeled wrong. The right start is on the left and the left start is on the right. If that makes sense...

This is the pattern. they are obviously labeled wrong. The right start is on the left and the left start is on the right. If that makes sense…

But  seriously guys, if you ever get the chance to run barrels or go watch someone run barrels, I highly suggest you go. It’s fun and you get an adrenaline rush just from watching! (I was looking up pictures to show you guys what the pattern looks like and ohmigosh!! It has me itching to be on a horse!! I’m about to go insane… Like literally. Pulling my hair out, running and scream down the street, buck naked. Well…maybe not that crazy…)

This, ladies and gents, is why you do not lean!!

This, ladies and gents, is why you do not lean!!

Day Six

Okay guys, we are going to get serious here for a minute. Today’s day is something that you never have to do. This one is going to be pretty serious. I hope I never have to bury a child.

Have you guys seen the movie Steel Magnolias? I don’t want to spoil the movie, but there is no way to not. Gah.. Okay. A mom has to bury her daughter. I’m not going to tell you who, (because, honestly, I don’t remember) or why, (again, I don’t remember) or when, just that she that she has to bury her daughter.  And let me tell you guys, I  cried. My. Freaking. Eyes. Out. At that movie. So, if you haven’t seen it, be prepared.

There are some lovely ladies in this movie!! You guys should really watch it if you haven't!!

There are some lovely ladies in this movie!! You guys should really watch it if you haven’t!!

That movie made me really think about something tragic like that. And now that I have kids, it really makes you think. And it scars the bajeesus out of me. You aren’t supposed to bury your children, they are supposed to bury you!

And since i was so mean and made you guys all sad and stuff here is a cute puppy giving you a high five!!

And since i was so mean and made you guys all sad and stuff here is a cute puppy giving you a high five!!

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It Had to be Clowns…..

This post holds no extreme spoilers for the show Supernatural. Just a quick thing about the show.

So. We are on the first episode of season two. And guess what guys? Sh@! just got real. Like really real. I should probably tell you guys that I’m a fraidy cat. Like I just went to pee and tried to get the hubster to go open the bathroom door down our dark, and short, hallway. I’m the biggest fraidy cat you will ever see. Why am I watching Supernatural, you ask? Because there are hot guys!! Plus I used to be a huge horror movie fan and I’m a nerd and love all that which craft/demon crap.

So cute, yet so scared. What I look like...

So cute, yet so scared. What I look like…

So in this episode, is my greatest fear. Don’t laugh, please don’t laugh. It’s a totally legit fear. Clowns. Clowns are one of the scariest things I’ve ever come across. Other than bugs. But hey, bugs are everywhere. Kinda have to learn to deal with them. (I do have some pretty hilarious freak outs when bugs land on me.) But yeah. Clowns. Scare the ever loving…stuffing out of me.

Look, I was even nice enough to put a nice clown, instead of scary ones....

Look, I was even nice enough to put a nice clown, instead of scary ones….

So yeah. This episode is about evil clowns and scary stuffs. So now, I’m gonna be scared all freaking night…. Someone want to come cuddle me and make me scarred?!

I’m probably going to regret asking this question buuuut, what scares the bajesus outta you guys? What is your greatest fear? 

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The Great Hair Catastrophe

So I was over on GoJulesGo’s blog earlier today, and I read about her hair catastrophe. I commented about my own hair catastrophe, and she suggested I tell you, most loyal readers. And since I am totally stumped on what to write about, I thought might as well! (I totally just realized there are a ton of ands in this paragraph…)

Note: None of the pictures in this post are of me. I have no pictures of the events in which I’m about to tell you. They were all (thankfully!) burned in a fire when my house burned down. (I didn’t burn them I swear! I will tell all about the fire some other time. I assure you, you will like this story MUCH better!!)

In the third grade I decided I wanted a perm. I decided this because my mom got perms constantly. She always had curly hair. She naturally straight-as-a-board hair, which she cursed me with lovingly passed on to me. I convinced her to let me get my hair permed. Now, my mother thought tight curl perm would look good. You would think that with her getting a zillion and a half perms she would know better than to put a tight curl perm in a 10 year old’s shoulder length hair, right? WRONG!!!

My hair stylist (who was my mom’s best friend’s aunt) agreed that it would look okay. When she was done she told me to spray some stuff (I don’t really remember what it was but it was essentially watered down hairspray) and a pic (pick?), not a brush, to fix my hair. So. That’s what I did.

What it should have looked like...

What it should have looked like…

On picture day, I decided to let my friend fix my hair. Bad idea! (You can see what’s coming can’t you?) She only did one side of my hair. Now, keep in mind the the more you pic (pick?) a perm the bigger it gets. So. One side of my hair stood out a good foot from my head. The other side? Flat. Well, I mean, not totally flat, but close enough. It definitely wasn’t as big as the other side of my hair. (Alright… I might have exaggerated just a little. It was more like 6 inches. But either way, it was still MASSIVE!!! And I looked like a deranged poodle.) My hair took up basically the whole picture. Needless to say, not my best picture day…

What my hair looked like....almost.... Add a LOT more body

What my hair looked like….almost…. Add a LOT more body

What about you guys? Any crazy hair stories? Parents have your kids or their friends ever tried to fix their own/each other’s/ your hair?


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