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Snow Day!

It started some time late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Ice. Sleet. Solid sheets. Everywhere. And on top of that there is snow. So of course, schools where closed today. The plan was that I would stay home from work today with the youngest and the oldest would go to my grandma’s. For the most part, that’s what happened. The only change was that about 8 o’clock this morning, hubby walked back in the house. I was surprised and asked what he was doing home. Apparently his work was closed. So I get to stay home with him and the youngest!! Wooo!! It is March third and I am at home because schools are closed because of snow. Ok Mother Nature, we get the point. You can do whatever the heck you want. So can you want to make it spring now? Personally I’m sick and tired of the cold and the snow. Thanks, you’re the best!

It’s official. We’ve entered the terrible twos with the youngest. He hits, he spits, he throws fits. The only thing he doesn’t do is bite. Well. At least not a lot. He’s got a spanking a couple times today. Whenever he gets spanked, he hits back or spits at you. Which causes his daddy to laugh. This of course makes me even more mad. He shouldn’t be laughing at him. It dosen’t help the situation. Or my headache that has popped up. Oh, and he’s also learned how to growl. Thankfully he doesn’t do that when he is mad.

I would make this longer but my computer is about to get thrown across the room because it keeps glitching and freezing and I have this weird add bar at the bottom of the screen that I can’t get rid of…. And I’ve kinda run out of things to talk about that isn’t whining about my kids. So. Have a great week everyone!

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Letter to the Snow Falling Outside My Window

Dear snow,

I’m not sure if you realize this but it’s March. March. Not November, or December, or one of those months months that ends in ary. It is spring. Time for flowers and rain and green grass. I’m pretty sure I speak for most people who are sick of wearing jeans and sweaters and thick boots. (I mean I wear jeans all year round but I mean some people like shorts.) We are ready for sun dresses, sandals, and peep toe pumps.

Now, I understand that Arkansas weather is very unpredictable. But, come on! This is just RI-freaking-DONCULOUS!! I mean, I’m not ready for scorching 105 degree weather, but I’m definitely over the 60 to 29 to 50 to 30 to 70 degree weather!

So please stop falling. Until a month that ends with ber. Like the cold, brr, December. Get it? Good!



One cold momma!



P.S. If you do insist on falling, snow, please do so as long as it’s enough for no work, a snow man, and a good snowball fight! Thanks!!

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