Life and Times of a Mommy(:

Day Two!

Okay guys. We are on Day Two. Something you love about yourself. Hmm. Well That’s a tie between a lot of things… My hair, my eyes, and my personality.

My hair. When it’s long, it’s a glorious almost perfectly straight mass of chocolate brown that get highlights in it if I’m outside too long in the summer. When I curl it, oh my goodness, guys. Its GLORIOUS!!! It’s AMAZING!!! I used to have to put half of a huge can of hairspray in it to keep the curls, then it was all crunchy and stiff. Then. I curled it and just left it alone. It was amazing!! I had soft, beautiful, long curls! And when I combed/brushed them out? Hello porn star waves!! (Oh lord… I can just see the interesting search terms piling up now…) But now that it’s short…. I can either flip the ends under or let it do it’s own thing. Which  results in hair going EVERYWHERE. I have a mini Mohawk f baby hairs along my part that stand straight up and the ends go out, under, up, to the left, and to the right. I’m telling you guys, everywhere. I want my long hair back…

My hair was not this red. But it look like this...kinda...

My hair was not this red. But it look like this…kinda…

My eyes. Now these babies. I have never seen eyes so finicky in my life. The can go from blue, to green, to gray, to blue/green, to blue/gray, to greenish/blue, to gray with a hint of blue. In a day. It’s so annoying. Although, on the plus side, I can wear just about any color eye shadow and look ahhh-mazing!!  I’m telling you guys. It’s great. Do a silver shadow on the lid, with a light white under the brow, a liner of dark blue or black, and some thick black eyelashes and you are good for a night out on the town, dinner and a movie, or just a day at work!!

Not my eyes but pretty ones (:

Not my eyes but pretty ones (:

My personality.  Well. You guys have seen enough of it to know that it is a VERY bubbly thing! Amirite?! Amirite? I mean, there are times when it fluxes, but for the most part, I’m a super bubbly, fun person!! And I’m bright!! Like bright colors and high lighters!!



One last thing guys!! It’s SNOWED!! In May. In Arkansas!! I’m pretty sure this means hell has frozen over too!! Like the night before last I was laying in bed in a t shirt and undies about to die because I couldn’t sleep because I was so hot!! Then last night I was in sweat pants and socks, under a thick fleece blanket, cuddled up to my heater of a husband!! It was crazy!! Two nights ago I was sleeping with the windows open!! It’s craziness, I tell you, CRAZINESS!!! 

So how’s the weather were you guys are?!     (Guys be glad I edited this first and didn’t just post it.. My typing skills aren’t worth crap today! And guess what?! It’s FRIDAY!!!       WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

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Random Search Terms (Volume 1, maybe?)

K so! Over at Lucy’s blog she does this thing. She calls it “An Open Letter To People Who Find My Blog Accidentally”. She then tells us all the fun and weird search terms people use and that lead them to her blog! I’m going to steal her idea because it is an ingenious idea!! You get some pretty crazy search terms!! Well… She does, I haven’t… YET!!  But here is our first list!!

Search term(s) numero uno!!

gory pictures of boston bombing marathon
boston marathon gory pictures
gory pictures of boston marathon

First off, WHY ARE PEOPLE LOOKING UP GORY PICTURES OF THE BOSTON MARATHON?!?!   I know I didn’t post any gory pictures of the Boston marathon. Pretty sure I said there were some gory pictures… But whatever makes people happy right? Personally I don’t want to see that. However, I do know of a site (out of pure morbid curiosity  while back) there is a site that has morgue photos, crime scene photos, etc. of different murders and crimes along with some good info. I can’t remember, nor do I really want to remember, the name of the site but if people want to look at gory pictures maybe they should go there…. (The only reason I found this site was because I was curious about the Black Dahlia murder after an episode of American Horror Story. Which, by the way, is a pretty great show if you like ghosts and scary movies.)


Search term numero dos!!

spring images

Because those images are the best in the world other than early fall!! Duh!!! The post about spring was a fun one to find pictures for!! There were pretty flowers and green grass and fun animations and I totally just made a run on sentence because I didn’t use comas! *takes a deep breath* (Any one else read stuff as the type and realize that they have really poor grammar when typing? No? Alrighty, moving on…)


Search term(s) numero three! (because I don’t know how to spell three in Spanish…)

horror movies with sexy men
perm story

Horror movies with sexy men? Why not just sexy men? Why be distracted from a great movie plot with sexy man candy strutting around half naked, showing of those gorgeous washboard abs?? WHY!? But.. Anyway. Yes. The list. The spectacular, amazing, beautiful, as many adjectives that are synonymous with awesome, list. *sigh* I had forgotten about that list…  Bookmarking…. Yup. That will be a list to look at, at least, once a week. Probably more.

And you guys read about the perm story right? So we don’t have to rehash it? Awesome! But to those who haven’t read, or found it by mistake, it was a great story right? Good, glad you got a laugh!

Ryan Reynolds from The Amityville Horror mad in 2005

Ryan Reynolds from The Amityville Horror mad in 2005.

Possible search term numero quatre! (That is French guys!! Check out be I’m…tri-lingual!! :D)


Anyone know what that is?! I Googled it and came up with a website. I think it’s a picture finder website…. Maybe? I dunno..

Search term(s) numero cinq (Again French!! Look at me go, mixing languages!!)

god, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,   courage to change the things I can,   and wisdom to know the difference.
lord give me the serenity to accept
lord help me to change the things that
grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change courage to change the things we can and wisdom to know the difference
things that define who we are
the wisdom to know the difference
dear lord give me the strength to accept

Woo! That’s a lotta search terms!! These terms are all used to find the Serenity Prayer. It’s a great little prayer to keep in mind, keep around your house, or at the office. I mean, you don’t have to be Christian to say it. It’s just something to help you get through the day. I posted about it here. It has the prayer and a pretty awesome painting I did of it for my mother in law. (It was originally for me but she decided she wanted one so I gave her mine. I had another that went to my grandmother so I’m waiting to buy more canvases to do more..)

Here is a picture of my painting.

Here is a picture of my painting.

So. For those of you who stumbled upon my blog by accident! Thanks for stopping by and checking out all the awesome randomness!! Hope you enjoyed it and I hope you come back and see us!! I apologize if we scared you at first with our intensity, but I promise, you get used to it! Everyone does!!

We will probably do one of these every month because they are super fun!!! So stay  tuned guys!!



This is going to be a giant post of nothing but random stuff. So. Just warning everyone!!!

First random thought up is the new show I’m watching. It’s not new but it’s new to me. Its called Supernatural. I was looking through the 3 Chic Geeks‘ blog and I found a really neat list they have. The list is called “Fictional boys we would like to date (who would make horrible boyfriends)”. On this list they have people like Draco Malfoy, Sam and Dean Winchester, and BBC’s version of Sherlock Holmes. (I won’t put everyone because I don’t want to ruin the awesomeness of this list.) Reading through this list and “More fictional boys we would like to date (who would make even worse boyfriends)”, it made me want to watch a couple of these shows. One was Supernatural. So, thanks to the amazingness of Netflix, I’m watching it. I’m pretty sure I’m still only in the first season and ohmigosh guys!!! Its ah-freaking-mazing!! Now, I don’t suggest watching it if you don’t like horror movies. It gets pretty intense!!

On top of an amazing show you have these two sexy, sexy men to look at. (Apparently a third very sexy man comes in later on but I'm not sure who he is yet..)

On top of an amazing show you have these two sexy, sexy men to look at. (Apparently a third very sexy man comes in later on but I’m not sure who he is yet..)

The second piece of randomness is I mowed our yard for the first time this year!! Well.  I didn’t, my husband did. I just spread out the leaves on the dead spots in the year. Hubby then mowed over them for mulch. But! what grass is growing (which is surprisingly a lot) is super green and feels amazing on my feet! Well, at least I think it does… I know the grass at my grandma’s feels good on my feet! I walked around barefoot and hunted eggs with my youngest.



The last piece of randomness is  that my baby, actually my oldest but I call him my baby, will be three years old in eleven days. I can’t believe it!! It is just crazy!!!! Time has really flown!! He has gotten so big so fast! He repeats everything you say, he’s pretty much completely potty trained (well he is but we still have accidents at night but that’s it), he’s super tall, and he will be in pre-k next year!! Oh my goodness!! Just crazy!! (And, in 10 days this momma will be 21!! Woo Woo!!!)

Isn't this the cutest?!

Isn’t this the cute?! They have one with no color that you can color yourself!


Listen up, Interweb!!

I’m going to make this short and sweet!! Guess what!? It’s SPRING!!!

Spriiiiiing!!! Source

Spriiiiiing!!! Source 



It’s time for baby animals and pretty flowers!! It’s time for little girls in the cutest dresses ever and little boys in button ups and khakis! Time for random rain showers and sandals!! Time for it to be warm and comfortable outside!!!

Oh to walk down this path!! how gorgeous!!  Source

Oh to walk down this path!! how gorgeous!! Source


And the flowers!!! Don’t even get me started on the flowers!!

Flowers! Flowers everywhere! Source

Flowers! Flowers everywhere! Source

Yup... Definitely going to have plant some roses by the front door! Source

Yup… Definitely going to have plant some roses by the front door! Source





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Letter to the Snow Falling Outside My Window

Dear snow,

I’m not sure if you realize this but it’s March. March. Not November, or December, or one of those months months that ends in ary. It is spring. Time for flowers and rain and green grass. I’m pretty sure I speak for most people who are sick of wearing jeans and sweaters and thick boots. (I mean I wear jeans all year round but I mean some people like shorts.) We are ready for sun dresses, sandals, and peep toe pumps.

Now, I understand that Arkansas weather is very unpredictable. But, come on! This is just RI-freaking-DONCULOUS!! I mean, I’m not ready for scorching 105 degree weather, but I’m definitely over the 60 to 29 to 50 to 30 to 70 degree weather!

So please stop falling. Until a month that ends with ber. Like the cold, brr, December. Get it? Good!



One cold momma!



P.S. If you do insist on falling, snow, please do so as long as it’s enough for no work, a snow man, and a good snowball fight! Thanks!!

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