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The Funeral

My life began with a funeral. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the starting point. The point when everything changed. The moment that I vowed to never be the same. Now, standing on the dock looking over the mesmerizing Everglades, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if he had never left me. What would have been different? What would have been the same?

I turned my back to the glorious sunset and thought about about how much had changed. How much had changed for the better. I had escaped. I’d gotten free. Free from a horrible marriage, from crushing depression, from mind-numbing fear. Everything was going to be okay. Everything is okay.

Thank you to the wonderful Stephanie for our prompt this week!! Congrats again girl!! Go check out her post and everyone else’s!! Feel free to join in!! 


Life Must Go On

It surprised me when she started to talk. I thought she’d left. Thought she’d got in her little green, kiwi colored sports car and sped away leaving me forever.

“I still love you, you know,” she whispered, ever so quietly. “That’s not going to change. We are just two totally different people now.”

I put my head in my hands. I didn’t know what she was talking about. My world revolved around her. I couldn’t see myself being without her. But after what she did to me… I just didn’t know if I could get past it. The betrayal, the pain, the hurt. There were just so many feelings I didn’t know how to deal with them all. Guess that’s life, though. It throws you curve balls you never expect.

Click. Click Click. Her heels clicked across the kitchen tile. She placed a kiss on my cheek and headed for the door. Click. Click. Click. Out the door she went. I wondered if I would ever see her again. Would I know what to say? Would it be awkward? I took a swig of the delicious scotch in front of me. Well. Life must go on, I guess.



I feel like a newbie to the Speakeasy this week! Here’s the challenge for this week. Start with a sentence provided and reference a picture. Go check it out and see what those other great writers are up to!! Don’t forget to vote!! 




He dug himself a whole in the ground. Was that how the saying went? He usually messed up a word or two in long sayings. All he knew was he was screwed. Out of luck. Done for.

James stared up at the ominous building. The only ting that looked remotely eye catching about the building he may or may not work in anymore is the molding stuff around the top. The fray stone held nothing interesting. The windows, nondescript rectangles of glass, looked over a bleak street.

Time to face the music, he thought. The revolving door seemed to spin faster than usual, a flood of people going in and out. The elevator, the slowest on in the entire city, was of course packed with people up until floor twelve. Two more floors. Then his fate would be decided. One more floor. Then he would come clean. James stepped out into the plush white carpet and turned to face a secretary who gave nothing away.

Dug a hole. Not in the ground, just a hole. He dug himself a hole. That was the saying.


The sentence we were to start with this week is “he dug himself a hole in the ground”. There was also a photo to reference. Go check the photo and other stories out! Don’t forget to vote Thursday and Friday!!




The picture was beautiful. Flawless perfection. Such a lovely, enchanting scene. Four, dainty eggs laying in a perfect nest in a serene, out of the way place.

Beautiful, flawless, enchanting. These weren’t words normally used to describe her, Whale, homely, garbage. Those were words used to describe her. Everyone said those things, and worse. Her parents said them. Kids at school said them. People walking down the street in her small town.

Never again. The will never say those things again. Not after today. She would show them. She would move away, reinvent herself. No one would ever think of her as the sad fat girl from high school that hid behind her camera. No. She would show them. And she wasn’t about to let anything get in her way.



This is the speakeasy challenge for Yeah Write. We were supposed to use the sentence “She wasn’t about to let anything get in her way” and a photo to reference but not write about in a short (500 words or less) fictional poem or story.  So enjoy!!



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