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Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee!!!

1 year baby!!!

1 year baby!!!

Well actually it’s my WordPress-iversary. It doesn’t feel like one year… Probably because I suck and can’t write regular posts… But seriously, thanks to everyone who’s been here for the ride!! (No worries, it’s going to continue!!)

So, I have great news!!! As of September 9, I will officially have a job!!! I will roll over onto company time instead of the temp agency’s time. I will also get a $4 raise!!! I will be making AMAZING money!! The look on hubby’s face when I told what I was making was hilarious. I won’t tell you what I’m making because I’m trying to keep this as confidential as possible. (I’m sure you guys understand.) But I will say I’m making $3 more than my husband and $3.30 more than a friend that is living with us. So. Needless to say I’m pretty excited.

Sadly, I couldn't get a good Carlton dance.. This was the best I could get for a happy dance.

Sadly, I couldn’t get a good Carlton dance.. This was the best I could get for a happy dance.


But, of course, it’s month end so my happy dance wasn’t that enthusiatic. Thursday of last week, I asked my boss if she needed help with anything. She handed me some stuff to veryify VIN and unit numbers on. Then I had to match them up with this peice of paper, highlight the numbers, and FedEx them. By Friday. (They got sent yesterday.) I couldn’t find the numbers anywhere so my boss printed of the sheets and it took be about an hour and a half to find them all and highlight them. Then last Friday I was informed that I have to clean up someone else’s mess with overdue invoices. Yipee!!! …. Not. I just through away a buch a few weeks ago because I was told it’s ok. Now I get to chase them all down again. This is all on top of everything else. But I will stop complaining now… Sorry….

In other news.  A friend of hubby’s that was stationed in North Carolina in the Marines has moved in with us. He’s a great guy, when his wife isn’t causing problems… Him and her lived together there but she came running back here without him. So he is living with us and they are about to go through a huge custody battle and probably a divorce. So there’s that fun. But my husband finally has a friend home that I actually get along with so I’m not complaining. Too much… ;D

Well, the hubster just got done cooking so I’m going to go stuff my face like a fatty now (: Ohhhhh! And I’ve also started running!!! I ran a half mile last thursday and 1.3 miles Sunday. Ok…I walked some of it to. But still, it’s the effort that counts!! Hopefully I will get to run tomorrow with the girls at work. I haven’t ran all week /: I’m a slacker!! But, guys, have a safe and happy 3 day weekend!! And don’t drink too much!!!\


This a little late, but my computer and I had issues!

June 29, 2012, afternoon. I convinced my husband to take me to the hospital because I was having some pretty intense irregular contractions. So, off we went. I was soon admitted with pre-term labor. I spent a week in the hospital. The first night was the worst.
They pumped this stuff in me called magnesium citrate to stop the contractions. I don’t take IVs well in the first place. So first they gave me morphine for pain and phenagren for the nausea caused be morphine. With my arm on fire from that, they then gave me the magnesium citrate. It felt like I was on fire from one wrist, up my arm, across my chest, and down my other arm. I then proceeded to hold a plastic barf bag up to my face and tried not to dry heave. And of course, since I was in pain, I held my breath. Which made my blood oxygen levels plummet and the blood pressure cuff go crazy. Then (going to get a little TMI here for a minute) they felt a need to insert a catheter, after I repeatedly told them no, because I didn’t have to pee. After removing it, I screamed and cried and whimpered and tried to not to cut off the circulation in my husband’s hand for about 30 minutes. My step mom, who was my rock through this whole ordeal, was in Texas. My parents cut their vacation short and drove 6 hours to come be with me. By that time, the pain in everything but my arm had stopped. I was poked and prodded every four hours the first twenty-four hours, because of the magnesium. Then, I thought I was having contractions yet again, and they took my food away. Who in their right mind takes food away from a pregnant woman?! Did they want to die?! But, anyways.
After that I was in the hospital every weekend for a month, with no changes. Just irregular contractions. One time, a doctor told me that I could stay over night in the labor and delivery room I was in, if I really wanted to. I said no, wanting to sleep in my own bed.

Friday, July 13, 2012, 9 pm. (Of course it was the 13th. Just my luck right?!) My husband and I had just left the dollar movie theater after watching What to Expect When You Are Expecting. (Guys. If you haven’t seen this movie, I suggest you watch it ASAP. It’s a great movie!!) When we got in the car, I started having some uncomfortable contractions, but they weren’t regular enough for me to time. We got home and I went to lay down. Within about 30 minutes I was in tears from the pain. It wasn’t that it hurt really bad, it was uncomfortable and I didn’t really know what was going on. I’d spent a week, and every weekend for a month, in the hospital with no change. By this point I was beyond frustrated. I consulted this wonderful site, and they said to wait it out. I went against their directions and about 11:30 pm, I woke my husband up and back to the hospital we went.

My baby and his feeding tube.

My baby and his feeding tube.

Saturday, July 14, 2012, 5:30 am. My little baby boy decided to grace us with his presence. After almost ripping a nurses face off so that I could push, I finally got to meet the little boy who insisted on coming to join this crazy world earlier than he should have. They had gave me a shot for his lungs a month before so he was breathing just fine. Eating, however, wasn’t going so well. He had a tube in his nose most of the time he was in the hospital, and he was in the hospital for a week. That was the hardest thing in the world to watch. A nurse told me that we could only stay two nights in a room off the nursery. So, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night, hubby and I drove literally 10 minutes away to our town house to sleep as much as we could through crying, just to get up the next morning and drive another 10 minutes back to the hospital. Friday, a doctor (my favorite one by the way) told us that he didn’t care what anyone said, we could stay as long as he was there. The next day he went home.

His smash cake. The box was like four times bigger than the actual cake. So we were all surprised when the cake was like three inches tall and the box was like a foot tall!

His smash cake. The box was like four times bigger than the actual cake.

Sunday, July 14, 2013, 2:00 pm. My little man’s first birthday!!! Now, this birthday party. It couldn’t be easy, ya know, since it was the first. Something HAD to go wrong. A week before the party, I moved it from Saturday to Sunday because my mother in law had a float trip on Saturday. She had already spent money on the float trip, meaning she had already bought the alcohol for the float trip. So, not very many people showed up to the party. But we still had fun! However, I ended up wearing more cake than little man did!

After he smeared cake all over his face. Yes, he looks like he ate a smurf.

After he smeared cake all over his face. Yes, he looks like he ate a smurf.

Then he got done and stuck his pacy in his mouth.

Then he got done and stuck his pacy in his mouth.

After he got done playing in the cake, he had a bath and went outside with my in-laws. A few of my friends who came to the birthday stayed inside with me. I went to the bathroom and came out and had what was left of the smash cake thrown at me. I then proceeded to scream bloody murder because my friend’s wife scared the ever-loving crap out of me. The cake landed face up on the tile floor, so, of course, I grabbed and took off after her. And a cake fight ensued. After the cake fight ended and it was all cleaned up, my in-laws left and I noticed some cake sitting on the high chair still. My friend’s wife had her son laying on her, so we asked hubby to go around the corner to get her some potato salad. (Hubby was yet to be wearing any cake.) So I hid around the corner and attempted to smash cake in his face. I somewhat got him. But, I mostly just got potato salad smashed in my hair. Sadly, I do not have a picture of that. Potato salad smells horrible to me and it was all I could do not to get sick waiting to get into the bathroom to wash it out. But, I do have a picture of me wearing the cake!! So here ya go, laugh it up!! I sure did!!

The girl on the left is my friend's wife and I'm on the right. Obviously, I lost the cake fight. I was laughing way to hard to really fight back.

The girl on the left is my friend’s wife and I’m on the right. Obviously, I lost the cake fight. I was laughing way to hard to really fight back.


Guess what guys?!

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits Moooooooooooooooooooondaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D!!!

Just kidding I’m really not that excited about it. First I didn’t go to sleep till like one this morning. So then I coulnd’t get up this morning. And last night while I couldn’t sleep, I washed my make up brushes. Seriously guys, they were dis-gus-ting. When I wash them out I use a tad bit of whatever oil I have (the recipe thing actually calls for olive oil, but when you are broker than a joke, you use what ya got), a tad bit of dish soap, and a tad bit of water. I stir it up with my finger and then I start swirling my brush in it. Then I rinse in luke warm water and lay them out to dry. You are supposed to hang them to dry, but again, I’m broke so I use what I got, which happens to be a dish towel. So I finally drag my lazy ass outta bed and take a shower and what not. Then the next morning I use them like normal.

Well. Apparently, I wasn’t paying attention to rinsing them. Because this morning when I was putting on my foundation, my face got uber oily and greasy. By the time I got done putting my base one, there was soap coming out of my brush. Awesome right?! My solution was the obvious choice. Rinse the brush out. Which I did, before I put on my powder. I realized my mistake after the fact of course. So then I used my blush brush that really needs to be retired. So make make up looked like crap. And my eyeliner looked like a four old did it. Then, I realized I didn’t have anything for breakfast, or lunch, other than pretzels. And I was totally swamped all afternoon at work. On top of being tired.

Buuuuuuuuuut!!! An amazing thing happened!!  I was nominated for an award!! It’s called the Shine On Award. The comment that was left about it totally made my day!! Ms. Jane from Jane’s Journal nominated me!! Totally just made my Monday a jillion times better so thank you oh so much ma’am!!!

"This is beautiful.. I love your blog because as someone with no children (yet!) I gain a gorgeous insight into the life of a Mam, it’s lovely to see the love you have radiate from your words! I’ve nominated you for a Shine On Award, congratulations."

“This is beautiful.. I love your blog because as someone with no children (yet!) I gain a gorgeous insight into the life of a Mam, it’s lovely to see the love you have radiate from your words! I’ve nominated you for a Shine On Award, congratulations.”


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

So I’ve displayed my beautiful award and I’ve linked up to the amazing Ms. Jane. So now for 7 things about myself… Gah…

  1. I’m currently watching the Friday Night Lights series on Netflix.
  2. I don’t think this show is as good as the movie.
  3. I’m on a 1,200 calorie diet to lose a few pounds.
  4. I’m sucking like crazy at it most of the time.
  5. I’m having a crazy hard time coming up with stuff.
  6. I’m super tired.
  7. I need to go to bed.

Now, to nominate 15 blogs. Oh lord…..

  1. Alicia. Because we both need a pick me up like this from time to time.
  2. Arden. Because she has me rolling on the floor on Caturdays and Stupid News Day.
  3. Dad, It’s Ok! Because that little girl of his. Guys, she is the cutest thing ever!! It makes my ovaries hurt!!
  4. A Regulat Cup of Joe. Guys, he’s an amazing blogger!! He’s currently away from his blog but I hope he gets back soon!!
  5. The Hook. This one doesn’t need an explination. If you haven’t checked him out, DO IT!!! NOW!!!
  6. Miss Four Eyes. Because she’s amazing!!
  7. Carley from Finding Gravity. I think she might be on a hiatus too, but she’s a pretty awesome blogger too!!
  8. My blog sister. Because one, she has book reviews. And two, we are bloggie sisters!!!
  9. Michelle. Her story is amazing and she puts an intersting and funny twist on having breast cancer.
  10. The Stoner who’s not really a Stoner. Because he is random, and random people are AMAZING (:
  11. Candace. Because she’s a mommy and all mommies need something like this!
  12. Jules. Just because she’s awesome!
  13. Vicki. Mommy mishaps. Need I say more?
  14. Alice. She’s Alice in Wonderland. What more do you need?
  15. Icescreammomma. She is amazing!! I love her twist on life!

And, that is all for now folks!! Have a great night!! I’m going to go congratulate all these amazing people and then pass out!!!

P.S. Guys. Sorry if there are typos! I should have been in bed hour and a half ago…



I can’t even describe what’s going through my mind right now… On Tuesday my dad called and asked what the last name of a friend of mine was. I told him I didn’t know what name she would go by, as her husband and her were no longer together, so I gave him both names. He said that someone with the same name as her was in a car wreck over Memorial Day weekend.

I got off the phone and scoured Facebook. Neither her, her parents nor her brother had been on Facebook recently enough for me to think they would see a message from me, but I sent on to her anyway. I then Googeled every news station between my town and the Missouri state line.  I found multiple articles on the wreck but nothing concrete enough for me to know it was her. I went back to Facebook and compared names and ages. There was a baby in the car with her that didn’t make it. Later articles stated that there was another baby, who was 6 months old, in the car and was taken to the hospital. Today, I found an article, compared names and ages, and it is, indeed my friend.

Her, her boyfriends infant daughter, and her 6 month old daughter were in the car when my friend lost control. The car hit a sign, slid down an embankment, struck some trees, and landed on it’s side. My friend and her 6 month old were taken to a hospital for treatment, but her boyfriends daughter didn’t make it.

I can’t even describe the pain I feel. Her and I have been best friends since preschool. We went to school from then all the way through high school together. Despite some mishaps, we both graduated on time and together. I saw her in the hospital when she gave birth to her baby boy. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding. I helped her in her dress, helped her with her hair, helped her pee, fixed her dress at the alter, and gave the toast at the reception. Unfortunately, I haven’t met her daughter. I didn’t even know her and her husband had split up and that she had a boyfriend.

Life moves so fast sometimes, that you lose track of the people who have been there forever. You forget who has really supported you and stood by you through everything. You lose touch with the people who should be the first to know things. And that’s what happened between her and I. She has been my friend through ups, downs, high school, drama, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, divorces, and pregnancy. Remember those people who have been there through all that and more, keep them close. You never know when something like this can happen.

I apologize for such an sad post today. We will finish the 30 days tomorrow. I do not have any solid information form her or her family. After finding out about the wreck, I messaged her on Facebook, called both numbers I had for her, stopped by her house, and called the hospital she was at. I’m not pushing this issue, as her boyfriend doesn’t know me and if it is her, I’m sure he wont’ want a stranger up in their business at this point in time. Hopefully, I will have some information soon. 


To my best friend…Something to make you think about me!

Day Twenty Four. Make a playlist to someone and explain why you picked that song. Now, keep in mind that my best friend and I are 90s kids. So that will explain a lot of the songs.

Dear Megan,
When ever you have a rough time I hope you listen to this and feel better. And think of me. Your amazing best friend who loves you very much. I know you’ve been through some rough times. I hope this help cheers you up!!

#1: Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne. Because this is an amazing song. Done. No more explanation needed.
#2: Keep Holdin’ On by Avril Lavigne. The lyrics are basically my letter to you to make you know you’re not alone.
#3: Everything Back But You by Avril Lavigne. Because it’s to every ex boyfriend who has broke your heart!
#4: I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys. Because you want everything your way.
#5: Bye, Bye, Bye by N*SYNC. It’s amazing. Done.
#6: Angel by Shaggy.  Cause, your my angel, my darlin’ angel. Closer than my peeps you are to meeee baaaaabeeeh!!
#7: Wasn’t Me by Shaggy. Because you never, ever do anything.
#8: Next Time by Casey Donahew Band. Because it’s “your song”.
#9: Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) by Beyonce. Uhhh…. Do I really need to explain this one?!
#10: Milkshake by Kelis. Becaues my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and their like…. Yeah okay I’ll stop…
#11: Drops of Jupiter by Train. Dude, we really need to try this wine!!
#12: Bitch by Meredith Brooks. You’re a bitch. But, I love you!!
#13: So What? by P!nk. Because you’re a rockstar!
#14: Yeah! by Usher. Because this is our JAM!!!
#15: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) by Katy Perry. Because, let’s face it, if I was single, and neither one of us had kids, this would be our theme song!
#16: Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO. Because we are sexy and we know it!
#17: Walk of Shame by P!nk.
#18: Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine. Because it’s a great song!
#19: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Theme) by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith. Because this show is AMAZING!!!
#20: 22 by Taylor Swift. I know we shouldn’t like Taylor Swift but this song is just so catchy!!!!

I hope this playlist make you feel better on all those days you need a pick me up! Love ya girl! You still owe be a beer, so lets make that happen baby!!

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Long Live

Have you ever had a person come into your life in a….different way and leave in the same manner? Someone that impacted you so greatly that you can’t forget them, no matter how hard you try? Maybe they were only in your life for a short amount of time, and they still have that impact on your life. Such an impact that things like driving by a certain place to listening to a song bring memories flooding back. For some people, that person is a significant other, or a family member, but for me, it is a girl I met in high school. I think about her constantly. I’ve tried writing about her a few times but just couldn’t quite get the words right. So today, I’m going to try again.


Her name was Elizabeth. We met my junior year of high school, after I moved home. We both had a mutual guy friend. His name isn’t really important so we will call him S. My dad and S’s mom worked together, so when my dad’s house burned down, he stayed with S’s family and another family that lived with them. That’s how S and I met. So when I moved back home and found out he was going to the same school as me, we started hanging out. At first, Elizabeth didn’t like me because she thought I was trying to steal S from her. (High school drama, it’s great isn’t it?) I thought it was rather hilarious that this girl, a sophomore, was so insecure about a guy, who was a total ass, that she was going to be a bitch to a junior. Well, in the mornings before class started we would all sit along a wall and hang out. S and I would be at one end, Liz and her friends at the other plotting my downfall. Eventually we both discovered that the other was pretty freaking awesome so we became friends.


Senior year rolled around and every morning we would hang out in the cafeteria. Well, in September, I found out I was pregnant. I was sicker than a dog Every. Single. Morning. for three months straight. Liz, being the amazing person she is, would come hold my hair back every morning while I got sick. If she walked into the cafeteria and I wasn’t at our usual table, she would come straight to the bathroom to check on me. When baby daddy finally left me, Liz and I made the joke that she was the baby’s daddy. Once I started showing, every time she saw me she would say hi to my belly before she would me. When I had the baby, she convinced S to bring her up to the hospital to see me.


Finally, I graduated and it was her turn to be a senior. Once I stopped working crazy hours, she was at my apartement. In May, right before her graduation, her house flooded. After this, her grandparents couldn’t really afford to have her live with them, so she moved in with me. Talk about some fun times!! I mean, we had fun when ever she came over to hang out, but now, we were living together!! We moved out of my one bedroom apartment into a two bedroom apartment. Guys, I’ve never in my life had so much fun setting up a bed. She had an iron frame bed with not one but two mattresses on it. It was the bounciest bed I have ever been on!! WE had so much fun in that apartment. Even had a party or two.

Then it all went to hell. See, the guy I had been dating (a friend from high school) and I broke up. I just wasn’t emotionally stable enough for a relationship. He had been staying at our place, so when we broke up he took his stuff back home to his mom’s. Liz and this guy had never met at school, they had met through me. (Which is were a lot of the hurt feelings come from, I think.) After he moved back to his parents, her and him became friends and started texting. He mentioned something about his mom kicking him out or something, so Liz invited him to move back in with us. The way we saw it, since he was in the National Guard and go paid like $200 every time he went to drill (once a month), that was an extra $200 to help out.

Things got awkward. They were friends, I had stuff going on and I didn’t know what my head and heart where thinking. (This is about the time my hubby comes in but we will get to that.) I couldn’t figure out if there were feelings there or not. Then, somehow, I figured out they had feelings for each other. A fight ensued. (No one was hurt. Just some very delirious talking, as Liz had been asleep, and yelling. I was yelling.) We made some rules. The rules weren’t followed. By either of us.  Eventually, the two of them moved out, leaving me and my hubby (we were dating at the time) with a $130 electric bill we couldn’t pay. They eventually moved back in and things never got any better. Finally, hubby and I moved out.

They got married, hubby and I got married. They got pregnant, we got pregnant. Liz, the guy, and I pretty much stopped talking. Liz and I talked about pregnancy stuff while we were pregnant but it just wasn’t the same. He would text me while he was at drill, which I found odd. I mean, yeah we had been friends in high school, and we had dated, but so much…..shit had happened that it just wasn’t the same. Eventually, hubby got annoyed by him texting me. My husband isn’t the jealous type (anymore), but he saw what I went through and how bad I had been hurt. So, he played a joke on them. It was a kind of juvenile one and it was taken too far. Finally, I said look, things aren’t the way they used to be and we obviously can’t joke around anymore, so lets just cut ties now. They agreed, although they didn’t see anything wrong with wanting to talk to an old friend.

I think about her often. Lately, I think about her at least once a day. I drive by the apartment complex we lived in together every day. I think about all the fun times we had and the memories we made. I think about every time we drove around in my car, screaming out song lyrics and making up crazy dances. I remember feeling betrayed, alone, and let down. I remember her making me laugh after I had just been balling my eyes out. I remember laying on one of our beds talking about boys and how stupid they were. I remember watching movies and crying together. I remember the good times and the bad times, but mostly the good. Every time I go to church (her apartment is by my church), every time I drive past our old apartment, every time I listen to certain songs, I think of Elizabeth and how close we were. The sister that I never had. The friend that I thought would be there for always.

If, God forbid, fate should step in
And force us into a goodbye,
If you have children some day
When they point to the pictures
Please tell them my name.
Tell them how the crowds went wild,
Tell them how I hope they shine.

Long live the walls we crashed through.
I had the time of my life, with you.
Long, long live the walls we crashed through.
All the kingdom lights shined just for me and you.
I was screaming long live all the magic we made
And bring on all the pretenders
I’m not afraid.
Singing, long live all the mountains we moved
I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.
And long, long live that look on your face
And bring on all the pretenders.
One day, we will be remembered.

-“Long Live” by Taylor Swift. This will always be my song to her. She may never think about me and we may never talk or ever see each other again, but I will cherish the memories we made forever.

Long live all the magic we made, I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.

Long live all the mountains we moved, I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.


The Beginning

The Prompt: When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

When I started my blog, I was going to document my time a a stay at home mom. It was basically just going to be a way for me to complain about my kids and how stressed I was. But, then I thought about it. My husband doesn’t even want to hear me complain about my kids and how stressed I am, so why would anyone else? I would be called names and people would think I was the most selfish person in the world. (I thank the wonderful ladies at this site for doing that. There is a lot of sarcastic emphasis on the word wonderful, by the way…) So I stopped writing and regrouped. I also got a job. I have a LOT of free time on my hands at my job, as a receptionist. I started going through Freshly Pressed to find something to read. I began finding some lovely people to follow. I also changed my goals of my blog and started writing again.

When I started writing again, I’ve strived to be as amazing as the people that were Freshly Pressed. I thought up some categories to write about. I began writing posts at work and typing them up when I got home. And yet, they weren’t getting any attention and I wasn’t getting Pressed. And then, I found the absolutely lovely people (no sarcasm here) at YeahWrite. I began writing for the Speakeasy and the Challenge grids. I thought I was a shoe in to win. But, alas, I have not won. Yet. 

My goals went from relieving stress, to being Freshly Pressed, to winning a YeahWrite gird, and now, to entertaining people. I love the people that follow my blog. They keep me laughing and touch my heart. I try to return the favor with everything I write. I’ve made some amazing new friends! So. I want to say thank you to everyone who reads. Thank you for reading and thank you for giving me such wonderful things to read!! You guys are amazing!! Keep it up!!


The Great Hair Catastrophe

So I was over on GoJulesGo’s blog earlier today, and I read about her hair catastrophe. I commented about my own hair catastrophe, and she suggested I tell you, most loyal readers. And since I am totally stumped on what to write about, I thought might as well! (I totally just realized there are a ton of ands in this paragraph…)

Note: None of the pictures in this post are of me. I have no pictures of the events in which I’m about to tell you. They were all (thankfully!) burned in a fire when my house burned down. (I didn’t burn them I swear! I will tell all about the fire some other time. I assure you, you will like this story MUCH better!!)

In the third grade I decided I wanted a perm. I decided this because my mom got perms constantly. She always had curly hair. She naturally straight-as-a-board hair, which she cursed me with lovingly passed on to me. I convinced her to let me get my hair permed. Now, my mother thought tight curl perm would look good. You would think that with her getting a zillion and a half perms she would know better than to put a tight curl perm in a 10 year old’s shoulder length hair, right? WRONG!!!

My hair stylist (who was my mom’s best friend’s aunt) agreed that it would look okay. When she was done she told me to spray some stuff (I don’t really remember what it was but it was essentially watered down hairspray) and a pic (pick?), not a brush, to fix my hair. So. That’s what I did.

What it should have looked like...

What it should have looked like…

On picture day, I decided to let my friend fix my hair. Bad idea! (You can see what’s coming can’t you?) She only did one side of my hair. Now, keep in mind the the more you pic (pick?) a perm the bigger it gets. So. One side of my hair stood out a good foot from my head. The other side? Flat. Well, I mean, not totally flat, but close enough. It definitely wasn’t as big as the other side of my hair. (Alright… I might have exaggerated just a little. It was more like 6 inches. But either way, it was still MASSIVE!!! And I looked like a deranged poodle.) My hair took up basically the whole picture. Needless to say, not my best picture day…

What my hair looked like....almost.... Add a LOT more body

What my hair looked like….almost…. Add a LOT more body

What about you guys? Any crazy hair stories? Parents have your kids or their friends ever tried to fix their own/each other’s/ your hair?


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